Buy Wooden, Bone, Resin, Horn Door Handles in Wholesale

Door handles made of wood, bone, resin, or horn are unique in design and appealing for, adding character and flair to doors. Each material has specific features and qualities that make it ideal for different design choices and uses.

Wooden Door Handles

The look of wooden door handles is warm and natural. They may be made from various wood species with distinctive textures, patterns, and colors. The functionality of wooden handles is determined by the type of wood and finish used.

Bone Door Handles

Bone door knobs have a distinctive and fantastic appearance. Although bone handles are reasonably robust, they might be more delicate than other materials. They are ideally suited for inside doors or doors that get little traffic.

Resin Door Handles

Resin hardware is noted for its moisture management, flexibility, resistance to rust, corrosion, stains, peels, chips, cracks, and flakes, and being lightweight and environmentally friendly. These handles are also fantastic alternatives for your backyard doors, garden cabinets, laundry, bath, or kitchen because they are less susceptible to weather changes.

Horn Door Handles

Horn door knobs have a rustic and organic look that complements rural, cabin, or lodge-themed homes. They may also provide an exotic and eclectic flair to modern or conventional settings.

How To Choose Wooden, Bone, Resin, Horn Door Handles at bulk

Consider the following factors when buying bulk wooden, bone, resin, or horn door handles:

  • Ensure that the materials used are of superior quality and fit your design standards. Check for durability and resistance to wear in wood, authenticity and finish in bone, clearness, and texture in resin, and natural variations in horn.
  • Choose handles that align with your chosen design idea and enhance the doors they will be fitted. Consider the form, size, and finish options.
  • Consider the intended usage and design of the handles. Check that they resist the wear and tear expected daily, particularly outside doors.
  • Determine whether the supplier can customize your design needs, such as size, shape, and finish.
  • Compare prices from different suppliers to get the best deal.
  • Investigate the supplier's credibility, including reviews, references, and a track record of timely, high-quality items.
  • Request samples or models before making a bulk order to evaluate the handles' quality, look, and value.
  • Inquire about warranties and the supplier's procedure for dealing with defective or damaged products.

By carefully thinking about these factors, you may select wooden, bone, resin, or horn door handles that not only improve the appearance of your doors but also increase their functionality.

How To BuyWooden, Bone, Resin, Horn Door Handles at discounted Price From Indianshelf

  • To begin, go to the IndianShelf website ( and review their selection of door handles made from various materials.
  • Look at the many door handle designs and materials available. IndianShelf usually offers a choice of unique and handcrafted options.
  • Check their website for ongoing offers and discounts. These might be prominently displayed on the homepage or in a particular "Sale" section.
  • If you need help discovering any going-on discounts or making a wholesale purchase, contact IndianShelf's customer service. Inquire about bulk pricing and any special deals available for your order size.

You may acquire affordable wooden, bone, resin, or horn door knobs for your project or home improvement needs by following these steps and looking for deals and promotions on the IndianShelf website.

Product Customization For Wholesale Buyers of Wooden, Bone, Resin, or Horn Door Handles

You can directly contact us to build handles that fit your exact design and quantity needs if you are a wholesale buyer wanting to customize wooden, bone, resin, or horn door handles. Here's a general procedure to help you with product customization:

  • Choose the required features, such as the material type, size, style, finish, and quantity.
  • Inquire about their customizing possibilities, lead times, and bulk order prices.
  • When the bulk order arrives, inspect it to ensure it fulfills the agreed-upon specifications and quality demands.

Delivery Time

The shipping method chosen (by sea or by air), the origin of the handles, customs clearance processes, and any unanticipated delays can all affect the delivery time for wooden, bone, resin, or horn door handles. Here's a summary of the estimated times for delivery for each shipping method:

By Sea:

  • Delivery for handles for doors via sea is a less expensive option for big bulk orders, but it takes longer than air shipment.
  • Delivery timeframes are based on the place of shipment of the product and the port of entry.
  • Shipping by sea from overseas destinations to India might take 15 to 45 days or more on average.

By Air

  • Air shipping is quicker but often more costly than sea delivery.
  • Airfreight to overseas destinations usually takes 3 to 10 days, depending on the service chosen and any customs procedures. This option is appropriate for smaller orders or faster arrivals.

Easy Payment Methods For Bulk Buyers

Indianshelf provides simple and easy payment options for bulk buyers. These methods improve the process of buying in bulk. Bank transfers require sending money straight from one bank account to another, and using credit or debit cards, as you would for regular purchases, are two typical choices. Online payment solutions such as PayPal are also helpful since they allow you to pay in various ways, such as cards or digital wallets.

Digital Content On Your Demand

We provide digital catalogs, product photos, and descriptions that resellers can use for product promotion. Visit our website for resin, stone, horn, and handle collections.

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