Wood, Bone, Leather, Resin, and Horn Knobs 


We at indianshelf are pleased to introduce ourselves as the best wholesale distributors of a wide variety of knobs made of high-quality materials with a natural finish and feel. We realise the importance of offering high-quality and distinctive knobs to our consumers at the best price. These naturally made knobs are long-lasting and sturdy, thus making them suitable for high-traffic locations. Our vast and unique collection of knobs caters to every application and design style, guaranteeing that our clients find the ideal solution for their requirements. 

Knobs are handcrafted hardware to open or close a cabinet, drawer, or door. They can be made with wood, bone, leather, resin, and horn that is natural and safe. Each material is unique and natural, making it appropriate for interior or exterior use. 

Wooden knobs are the most popular knobs available in our online shopping store. These wooden knobs are hand-crafted of the best quality hardwood. They look nice and trendy on all types of furniture. They look unique as they come in various natural, painted, and stained finishes. In addition to the knobs already available on our website, we also provide bespoke finishes or designs upon request. This allows our customers to select unique products that meet their design requirements. 

Bone knobs are also popular among our clients, particularly for those seeking a more exotic or bohemian style for their interiors. They are very durable, and their application on furniture is also straightforward. Our bone knobs are often crafted from animal bones like cow, camel or buffalo that have been responsibly acquired and come in various sizes and styles. Because the bone knobs are made with natural materials, each knob is unique and has its own individual personality. Bone knobs are often reserved in their original pale beige or ivory colour. They can, nevertheless, be dyed or painted to complement a specific pattern or colour palette.    

Our Leather knobs are one of our best offerings, quickly becoming a customer favourite. They are seen as a trendy and elegant option. They look stylish and elegant when used in modern or commercial design styles and are available in various hues and finishes that match all kinds of interiors. Leather knobs are constructed of beautiful cherry imitation leather and include screw fasteners for easy installation. Leather knobs look nice when used in rustic or traditional décor styles and can be matched with other leather objects, such as chairs or sofas. 

A cost-effective and adaptable solution, our handcrafted resin knobs are ideal for various applications. Our resin knobs are constructed with sturdy synthetic material. They come in various colours and patterns for installation on furniture, cabinets, and drawers. They are most suitable for high-traffic areas and commercial applications since they are simple to maintain and clean. The many knob designs will be more diverse if the resin is used with metals, wood, and resin. Resin knobs make it easier to create vibrant, colourful knobs that will elevate the décor of a home. 

Our wide range of Horn knobs is an attractive and unusual alternative wishing to add a touch of natural beauty and rustic appeal to their home design. Our knobs are made from natural animal horns of buffalo or elk, which are known for their inherent beauty and strength. Each knob is handcrafted and organically treated to bring out the natural texture, making it suited for any interior style. Horn knobs are typically left in natural colouring, blending beige, brown, and black. 


Each of these knob materials has a variety of usages and aesthetics with advantages and disadvantages. For example, wooden knobs are easily customised but can crack or bend over time.   Bone knobs are tough and resilient; they can also be fragile and break if dropped from a height. Leather knobs are soft and palpable but can discolour and fade with time. Resin knobs are trendy and elegant, but they might scratch or chip if not correctly cared for. Horn knobs are gorgeous but may be challenging to find and are slightly more costly than the other choices. 

Our wholesale supply firm is dedicated to supplying our consumers with high-quality items at reasonable pricing. Our items are of the greatest quality and are sourced responsibly. Whether you are a retailer, designer, or producer of furniture, we have a range for all. We think our items can bring a uniqueness in design to any area or a piece of furniture. As established suppliers of knobs, we are dedicated to offering our consumers the finest service and products. 

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