Buy Theia Ceramic Knobs in Bulk

Indianshelf is a well-known manufacturer and seller of high-quality Theia ceramic knob door knobs. We offer a wide range of handcrafted and hand-painted door knobs to fit various artistic choices and design needs. Our ceramic knobs are great for repairing antique furniture or adding elegance to modern ones. We at indianshelf specialize in wholesale distribution and offer our products worldwide. We provide quick and trustworthy delivery to our global customers through sea and air shipping options. Our commitment to quality, Indian craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction distinguishes us as the leading provider of ceramic knobs.

Theia ceramic knobs in bulk are handcrafted and long-lasting. It offers incredible possibilities, making it visually appealing, especially when attached to any door, cabinet, etc. Each of these Theia ceramic handles features unmatched craftsmanship. The product has immense gold accents and is incredibly trendy and sophisticated. It is simple to install in any home without the help of an expert. Theia ceramic knob adds radiance and beauty to any décor style, accent, or design scheme. You may put them on kitchen cabinets, study desks, bureaus, etc.

These are also aesthetically pleasing additions to your living room, study tables, eating rooms, etc. These handmade beauties feature small motifs that are hard to overlook and can create an excellent impression.

Product Line and Customization

Our Theia ceramic knob comes in various patterns, colors, and forms. What distinguishes Indianshelf is our commitment to customization. We provide product customization services, allowing us to produce one-of-a-kind ceramic knobs fitted to your precise requirements. We work with talented artisans to bring your idea to reality, whether you are looking for numerous varieties of Theia ceramic knobs or have a specific design in mind. This dedication to customization lets our knobs blend smoothly into your interior design ideas, making every piece of furniture unique.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our ceramic knobs are not only functional, but they also showcase Indian artisan skills. Each knob is painstakingly created and hand-painted by talented Indian craftsmen, demonstrating their skills and commitment to traditional art. This skill assures that each ceramic knob is a unique work of art and heritage. By selecting Indianshelf, you not only get high-quality decorative hardware, but you also support local artists, which helps to preserve Indian craftsmanship.

Export and Shipping

We are a manufacturer and supplier in India, serving customers worldwide. We provide both sea and air shipping alternatives for all specific delivery deliveries. Sea shipments usually take 45 days to arrive, making them a cost-effective option for bulk purchases. Air shipments, on the other hand, have a shorter delivery period of 10-15 days, guaranteeing that you receive your item as soon as possible. Our dependable shipping services ensure that our ceramic knobs arrive in perfect shape and on time.

Payment Alternatives and Consumer Service

Indianshelf promotes consumer convenience by providing a range of payment alternatives, such as bank-to-bank transfers, PayPal, and others. We know that smooth transactions are critical for a successful business collaboration. Our customer service staff can always help you with any issues or custom orders. We take pleasure in our dedication to offering excellent customer service, ensuring your shopping experience with Indianshelf is joyful and stress-free.

Dropshipping and Bulk Discounts

IndianShelf is one of the leading dropshipping providers, giving great bulk prices that benefit retailers and wholesalers. We provide competitive prices whether you want to resell our ceramic knobs in your store or form a dropshipping cooperation. We are the ideal choice for businesses to provide reliable knobs and other home decor items for bulk or wholesale orders.

We have made it simple for you to purchase from us and reach us. If you have any concerns or would like to request a replacement, please get in touch with us at You can also phone us at 09999072207. We're here to assist!

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