Buy Mortice Ceramic Door Handles In Bulk

Mortice door handles originate from the word mortice, which means 'a nook or valley'. As the name suggests, a mortice handle needs a mortice pocket in the door, drawer, or piece of furniture. A plate usually goes inside this pocket, along with a projecting pull such as a knob, lock, or handle.

Mortice door handles are modern designs of door hardware. Mortice door handles were only found in the homes of the rich. However, these handles are now regularly utilized in houses, workplaces, and buildings.

Indianshelf's mortice ceramic door handles are an excellent match to any door because of their classic looks and traditional designs. With their glossy look and endurance, these handles are excellent long-term partners for your home decor.

Ceramic mortice handles are made in a variety of forms and styles, making it simple to choose a set that matches the aesthetic of your house. Popular designs include floral patterns, geometric shapes, and essential, plain handles. The ceramic part or knob is also available in various colors and finishes, allowing you to match it to the rest of your decor.

Types of Mortice Ceramic Door Handles

The reality is that there are many different varieties of Mortice ceramic handles created from various materials. so we'll now take the time to investigate some of the greatest selections - all of which provide a high level of quality.


A mortice ceramic handle is a type of door handle constructed of ceramic intended for use with mortice locks and latches. Based on the material, below is some information regarding mortice ceramic handles:

Mortice ceramic handles are noted for their aesthetic appeal. They are a durable alternative to the door hardware. They are suitable for a broad range of interior styles and have the added benefit of being heat-resistant and easy to maintain.

Color and Design

Mortice ceramic handles are available in several colors and styles. The following are some popular color and pattern possibilities for mortice ceramic handles:

  • White ceramic handles are traditional and readily fitted in a wide range of interior designs, from classic to modern.
  • Black ceramic handles look great in modern and industrial-style environments.
  • Cream/Ivory: Cream or ivory ceramic handles are ideal for generating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Pastel Colors: Pastel colors such as light blue, pink, and mint green are available in ceramic handles.

Ceramic handles with elaborate patterns, such as floral motifs, geometric shapes, or even hand-painted artwork, are popular. These ornamental handles can serve as a focal point.

Tips to Choose Mortice Ceramic Door Handles?

Choosing ceramic door handles for your doors can be simple if you follow these steps:

  • Match Your Style: Think about how your room looks. Choose handles that fit the same style. If your room is old-fashioned, pick classic handles. For modern spaces, choose sleek, modern handles.
  • Check the Door Material: Doors can be made of wood or metal. Ensure the handles you pick can be put on your door without problems.
  • Think About Colors: Look at the colors in your room. Try to find handles that have the same colors or look good with them.
  • Size Matters: Make sure the handles are the right size for your door. Oversized handles can look weird on small doors, and small handles might not work well on big doors.

How To Buy Mortice Ceramic Handles at Discounted Price From Indianshelf

To buy mortise ceramic door handles at a discount from Indianshelf:

  • Visit Indianshelf's website.
  • Check if they have any ongoing sales or special deals. They often display these on their homepage.
  • If you need handles for multiple doors, ask if they offer discounts for buying in bulk.

Delivery Time

Ceramic mortise handles delivery times via water and air might vary considerably. Here's an overview of the difference:

By Sea:

  • Sea delivery is often slower but less expensive.
  • Depending on the origin and shipping route, products by sea might take several weeks or months.
  • Sea shipping is an excellent choice for large purchases with less urgency.

By Air:

  • Air delivery is significantly faster, but it is also more costly.
  • Goods may be delivered to India by air in a couple of days, and in many cases, within a week.
  • Air shipment is ideal for last-minute items or small quantities.
  • In conclusion, pick air delivery if you need your ceramic mortise handles soon. If cost is more essential and you are willing to wait, sea shipment is a more cost-effective choice, but it takes much longer.

You can make your ceramic mortise handles business more appealing to bulk purchasers by implementing simple payment options, a no-hassle replacement policy, and providing digital material customized to their needs. Here's how to go about it:

  • Online Payment Gateways: These services offer safe online payment choices such as credit card payments, debit card payments, and digital wallets such as PayPal or Mastercard.
  • Bank Transfers: For big bulk orders, offer bank transfer or wire transfer as a payment option.
  • Credit Terms: Consider extending credit terms to reliable and established bulk purchasers.

Replacement Policy

  • Clear Return and Replacement Policy that is easily accessible on the website and available to our buyers.
  • We respond to buyer inquiries about replacements in a timely and professional manner.
  • We clarify what procedures they must take and what information they must offer.
  • Focusing on Quality Assurance, we foster buyer trust.

Digital Content on Demand for Ceramic Mortise Handles

  • We produce digital catalogues with complete product information, photos, and customization choices for your ceramic mortise handles.
  • We also allow consumers to see and personalize the handles to their liking. This can be added to your website.
  • Create video tutorials or demos demonstrating the customizing process, installation directions, and maintenance recommendations for your handles.

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