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Welcome to Indian Shelf, your one-stop shop for wholesale manufacturers of lamps and lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures that produce artificial illumination are called lamps. They can be mounted to a surface or are often movable and available in a variety of sizes, forms, and designs. A light source, a lampshade or other light cover, and a base or stand are the main parts of a lamp. The lampshade or light cover provides more pleasant illumination. The lampshades are available in different materials like fabric, glass, and plastic. These lampshades enhance the overall design or look of the lamp's design.

As wholesale vendors, we give our clients the option of choosing lamps with adjustable stands or arms that allow you to change the direction or height of the light.

Our rare Alibaba dropshipping Lamps serve a dual purpose in indoor settings. They not only provide lighting but also add character to the room. There are different types of lamps for different areas like desks, bedside tables, floors, or even suspended from the ceiling to offer ambient or accent lighting, depending on their design and functionality.

Our handmade Lamps are adaptable lighting fixtures that improve a space's functioning and looks. There are many different types of lights available on our best dropshipping website. Here are some examples of typical light types.

Table lamps available on indianshelf are available from tiny to medium-sized and are meant to be placed on a table or desk. They frequently feature beautiful bases and lampshades and provide targeted illumination for reading, working, or setting the mood in a space.

Floor lamps are tall lamps placed on the floor to give general or ambient illumination. They can be equipped with movable heads or arms to direct light. Floor lamps are frequently used to illuminate greater areas or to provide accent lighting in a space.

Desk lamps are specially designed to be used on desks or workplaces. They usually feature adjustable arms and heads to offer concentrated lighting for applications like reading, writing, or using a computer.

Task lamps function similarly to desk lights, as they provide concentrated lighting for specific tasks. They are commonly utilized to offer direct and powerful illumination in workspaces, workshops, and study areas.

As wholesale supplies of Bedside lamps, our tiny lamps are intended to be put on bedside tables or nightstands. They produce soft, ambient lighting, ideal for reading or creating a peaceful environment in bedrooms.

Accent lamps are ornamental lamps primarily used to improve the aesthetics of a room. They showcase artwork or specific aspects of a space and frequently feature distinctive designs, elaborate patterns, or colourful lampshades.

Our top dropshipping products' pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling via a string, chain, or rod. They are available in different colours, designs and sizes and are frequently used as ornamental lighting fixtures over dining tables, kitchen islands, and entryways.

Chandeliers are ornate lighting fixtures with several arms or branches that contain bulbs or candles. Handcrafted Chandeliers are often used in formal settings like dining rooms, foyers, and ballrooms to enhance the elegance and refinement of the space.

Our best dropshipping supplier's website offers a diverse or rare range of lamp options for you to select from.  Choose the lamps depending on the individual's lighting needs and style preferences.

We realize the importance of providing attractive discounts to our loyal clients as a bulk supplier. We offer exceptional bulk pricing, saving you significantly on your orders. Our wholesale rates can help you maximise your earnings whether you are a merchant, interior designer, or builder.

We are trusted wholesale manufacturers dedicated to simplifying our clients' shopping procedures. We provide simple payment methods, assuring a seamless transaction for every order. Our convenient payment options make it easy to finish your order and have your things delivered quickly.

At Indian Shelf, we keep updated with the newest lighting styles and designs. We constantly add new and inventive lamp designs to our collection to keep your choices fresh and appealing to your clients. Our experienced staff meticulously curates our assortment, guaranteeing access to the most fashionable and sought-after lights on the market.

As a prominent wholesale vendor, Indianshelf has a range of lamps in our modern manufacturing warehouse. This enables us to process your orders quickly and effectively, regardless of quantity. We can suit your needs, whether you require a few pieces or a considerable amount.

We recognize how vital a supporting staff is to drop shipping wholesalers. Our experienced and pleasant customer service experts are always available to answer questions or address problems. We respect your feedback and aim to give the best service 24x7 whenever our client needs it.

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Our collection includes digital resources for resale, including high-quality photos and detailed product descriptions. You can utilize these materials to showcase our lamps and lighting fixtures effectively, whether you operate an online business or any other store.

As a wholesaler supplier of different lights or lamps, Indian Shelf is committed to your success. Our professional team will be happy to help and provide you with all the information you need to start or grow your lighting business. For more information about our products and services, you can reach us at or WhatsApp at 00-91-8178971415.