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Glass knobs

When designing a property, it is important to pay heed to the intricate detailing of every nook and crevice. The interior design of a residence speaks tons about the owner and his taste and culture. While people are often more focused on decorative items like paintings, wall hangings, souvenirs, or other such pieces to make their house look presentable, they forget the immense importance that simple spaces like the doors and windows of a room, which are the most visible parts during the entrance and exits regularly. A great polish or a sophisticated touch in an accessory as ordinary as a doorknob can transform the room's whole look, taking it up a notch.

Although it may sound completely absurd to think about knobs and handles on the doors while doing up your house, instead of perhaps a set of lace or velvet curtains at first, the structure and design of the doors do dominate and define the entrance and exit of the rooms, thereby providing the first impression to the outsider, of your taste and authenticity of interior designing. In most Indian households today, glass door knobs are in vogue. Given the state-of-the-art look it creates, it remains a choice of priority to the most aristocracy. Glass knobs impart a shiny, sleek appearance to the doors accentuating the sophisticated ambiance of your property.

Glassdoor knobs come in a wide range, differing in shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, and prices and are available at wholesale prices. There is a selection of doorknobs that would suit the doors installed, size, shape, structure, and color pallet for every unique household. Most importantly, choosing a doorknob that surpasses contemporary trends and remains perpetually in style would preserve the quintessential elegance of your residence, no matter how many new designs come up by the day.

Choosing the right kind of doorknob:

It needs designing expertise to understand the essence of a place, build up its ambiance accordingly and enhance its overall beauty. The proper selection process of a doorknob requires no less keenness whatsoever. Whether you need a vintage finish or a relatively modern look for your entire premise, a knob suited for polished varnish doors, or any other variety, the matter should be of utmost concern to create and present your house as the perfect visual treat for guests as well as yourself. At the end of a hectic and tiresome day, your beautiful self-made house should make you feel worthy and proud, not messy and chaotic, with too many chunky designs. Not only the style per se, but you have to keep in mind the security of the entire house also while installing knobs and locks. An altogether practical approach to a comfortable and charming home should be the foremost priority. Hence, it is necessary to do your research and pick up just the right doorknob for your doors. This tedious task can be made easier by knowing and applying certain tips and tricks to the process.

  • 1. Security on the front entrance: When installing doorknobs and handles, the lock systems on the front entrance should be of utmost priority for the security of the entire property. In that case, there are two significant options – the tubular locks and the mortice locks. Tubular locks, however, have gained general popularity because they are easily installed and do not require any special training or effort for the process. But these are exactly the reasons why they are a little behind the race than mortice locks. Mortice locks offer better security than tubular locks because they have five times stronger resistance and hence avoid home burglaries, which occur mainly by kicking the door's strike plate or striking with a heavy object. Mortice locks have more benefits than tubular latches due to their lifetime warranty, anti-drill and tamper-proof hardened cylinder, 40% more sturdy larger deadbolt throw, heavy-duty spring and mechanism, integrated deadbolt, stronger outer housing, screws thread through using tie bolts that squeezes the mortice lock between the timbers of the door from both sides, euro cylinders that feature anti-bumping technology and more. They can also be fitted with a euro cylinder with a minimum of two thousand different keys, making it harder for thieves or burglars to break in.
  • 2. Once the type of necessary hardware has been decided, the functions of the knobs need to be decided. For example, the doors leading to your hallway or guarding your closet will need a non-locking passage knob or Lever. Bedrooms and bathrooms require more privacy; hence should be enabled with suitable locking knob systems. For other ornamental doors, a non-turning dummy glass knob might be of use, or for further security, a knob with a keyhole should meet the purpose sufficiently. The four types of doorknobs available for your different requirements include a passage set, which is non-locking, an entry set, with a key for the front door, a private setting, with an integrated or separate locking system, and a dummy set, which is a fixed handle without a latch, usually used for cupboards or wine cellars. The knobs should be installed according to the door setup. For instance, hardware with necessary kits and suitable installation equipment will be necessary for a thicker door. For doors with only one hole for hardware, a stealth deadbolt can be installed so that no tampering with the design occurs due to excessive drilling. It is cost-effective and convenient because it does not need a key and provides extra security.
  • 3. Material selection for doorknobs: In a warm-toned color pallet of a home, brass or antique bronze-made door knobs would be suitable. On the other hand, in cooler undertones, stainless steel, porcelain, or chrome hardware will do the job perfectly. However, choosing a material that suits both is difficult. But major marketing experiences conclude, colored glass door knobs are the need of the hour, and in India, there has been a steady upsurge in its demands. They have a wide range of colors to choose from, unlike the other materials, which have limited options. Now you can make purchases well suited for your specific doors in different parts of your house. In a tropical land like India, the knobs should be heat resistant, and glass knobs are the best way to go about it. Apart from that, however, in places near the sea, marine-grade stainless steel can be used salt resistant, amicably standing the test of time adequately. For doors inside the house, a micronized finish material should be availed. Satin chrome is more resistant to corrosion than brushed nickel and hence can be an appropriate option. As far as the colored glass door knobs are concerned, you will be freed of all worries regarding style. It does not, however, harm to consider a few other finishes. For example, flat finishes such as matt with black, a recent favorite, or antique brass and antique nickel finishes retain their original appearances and are not that dynamic an option. Due to light unequally reflected, curved or shaped surfaces like a round doorknob will show accentuated contrast of the brass or nickel. Also, last but not the least, proper coordination should be displayed as far as the door, and its knob is concerned. For example, a steel knob on a wooden-varnished door can lead to an interior design disaster.
  • 4. The budget: Opting for affordable but subpar options when it comes to doors inside the house is not a great step towards building a beautiful home. The two reasons for this being, the obvious lack of self-satisfaction that may stem from a single glance at the mismatched door and knob combinations and the repetitive use of the doorknobs hundreds of times each day may lead to steady corrosion of the hardware, making it impractical altogether. Hence, though it seems ordinary, invest carefully and prepare a budget accordingly to install door hardware, keeping long-term usage and goals in mind. These days, it is easy to find the choicest range of doorknobs at wholesale rates.

The perfect designs:

There are certain designs readily available in the market that can suffice for your requirements of basic doorknobs. Nowadays, be it a vintage feel or an ultramodern urban vibe, the markets offer many designs to suit your choice. Popular among such designs are,

  • • The Lever handle or black plate has been in vogue for quite a while and is mostly found on traditionally designed doors to enhance that antique look.
  • • The Lever handle on roses: It is a simple yet elegant design and is a part of most properties today. The 'rose' in which the handle fits can be round or square-shaped, with modern, minimalistic, and classical styles.
  • • The traditional mortice door knobs: Typically of a brass or bronze finish, complements well most traditional doors and is commonly popular for the beehive design.
  • • The modern mortice design: They have a glass or smooth polished finish that provides a sleek contemporary design to most modern residences, offices, etc.
  • • The rim knobs are mainly used with rim locks and suitable for archaic and vintage designs.
  • • The online websites also offer various options for glass knobs, not only for doors but also for smaller furniture like drawers, dressers, cupboards, etcetera. Such as:
  • • The light blue floral glass knob: It has antique, silver, and golden finishing and can be installed for drawers, dressers, wardrobes, cabinets, almirahs, and more. It has 1.50 inches diameter and a 1-inch projection approximately, and the bolt can be trimmed in size if required.
  • • The peach-pink fine cit glass drawer knob has approximately 1.25 inches of diameter and 1.5 inches of projection. The bolt size is around 1.5 inches too. It is a handmade doorknob, suitable for smaller furniture like drawers, wardrobes, etcetera.
  • • The light mint-green melon glass cabinet knob has 1.75 inches diameter and 1.50 inches projection along with a bolt size of 1.50 inches. It is also used for certain pieces of furniture which need a look of sophistication. It is available in silver, golden and antique finishing.
  • • The black octagon glass pulls cabinet knob: It is a unique design to be installed as handles of dressers, cabinets, etcetera, with a diameter of 1 inch, projection of 3 inches, and a bolt size of 1.25 inches approximately.
  • • The light blue bubble cabinet knob has a diameter of 1.5 inches, a projection of 1.25 inches, and a bolt size of 1.4 inches approximately. It exudes a regal appearance to the dressers, drawers, or wardrobes on which it is installed. It is also a handmade design with antique, silver, and golden finishes.
  • • The devil's eyeglass dresser knob: It is an innovative take on glass knobs, providing the illusion of an eye on it. It is a handmade knob with 1.25 inches diameter and 0.6 inches projection approximately. The bolt can be trimmed to the required size.

The above-mentioned India Shelf glass doorknob designs are approximately 5 to 8 USD or 350-600 INR approximately.

Places to buy glass knobs:

Although many hardware shops in India provide extraordinary designs of glass knobs at affordable prices, the current pandemic situation has compelled customers to make purchases virtually on the numerous e-commerce portals that are thriving steadily. While there are hundreds of state-of-the-art websites for designer glass knobs, having expansive ranges of designs, from classic to modern, minimalistic to statement ones, funky bohemian to high-end elegance, and so forth, you can decide to shop online or buy from a brick-and-mortar store near your home. Either way, look for a store that offers commendable discounts on their already affordable price ranges and contributes generously to making your home look luxurious and grand. Some go out of the way to recommend knobs that suit your home ambiance, meeting your budgetary requirements and home décor aspirations. Apart from these, regular departmental websites also offer certain palatable options for doorknobs.

Hence, it is now easier to find the right fit of glass knobs for you and give your property just the little touch of glamour and glitz to glow up as your life will. Here's wishing you a happy and successful knob shopping!