Buy Coasters in Bulk

The term "coaster" is derived from the phrase "bottle-coaster," which refers to spherical wheeled trays originally used to store decanters. During supper, these trays "coasted" around the edge of a table, serving each guest their drink. Beermats were dubbed "coasters" for the first time in 1913.

There are several small ways to decorate and improve the overall look of your dining table. Adding a finishing touch to the table's design, the handmade coasters may help enhance your living space and increase the value of your home decor. Coasters protect the surface of a table or any other surface where a cup may be placed from condensation caused by cold drinks.

This is why buying teacup coasters for the dining table that goes with the furniture and serving tray is essential. Based on the look desired, many options might be considered. The current range of product options has made many choices available to customers, such as a Coaster set of 6 and a Coaster set of 4, and every choice is as beneficial as the others.

Why Should You Buy Coasters at Wholesale?

Purchasing coasters in bulk or wholesale numbers means buying many coasters at once rather than just a few. This may be pretty beneficial for a few primary reasons:

  • When you buy coasters in bulk, the cost of each coaster decreases. It's like receiving a discount because you're buying in bulk.
  • If you're organizing a large party, wedding, or other event with a large number of attendees, you'll need a large number of coasters. Buying in bulk ensures you have plenty for everyone and stay supplied.
  • Coasters are used in big numbers in restaurants, cafés, and other commercial establishments where customers frequently visit in groups.
  • Some offline and online stores sell many coasters and will allow you to print your design or brand on them to promote their brand.
  • Rather than purchasing coasters one at a time, purchasing a large quantity at once might result in less packing waste overall.
  • You may choose from an extensive collection of coasters when you order in bulk. This allows you to select the finest coasters based on your tastes and the theme of the party or event.
  • Ordering many coasters at once often ends in lower shipping costs per coaster than ordering just a few at a time.

Types of Coasters You Can Buy In Bulk

The kinds of coasters you would get in bulk on a site like Indianshelf, which usually sells a wide range of Indian handicrafts, home décor, and other things. Here are some examples of coasters you could come across:

Woolen Tea Coasters

These handcrafted wool tea coasters come in a variety of colors. These crochet tea coasters are available in a variety of vibrant colors, including red, green, blue, and yellow pink. You may select brighter or darker tones of any color as desired. Similarly, the shapes differ. Woollen coasters are either square or circular, with frills. All colors are available in both forms and Coaster sets of 6 or 4. The form and color of the coasters should be chosen to complement the tea trays being used.

Coasters In Resin

Resin coasters are made from wood and resins to create decoration and valuable products that protect coffee and dining table surfaces from spills and stains. These handcrafted tea coasters are attractive items in various styles, shapes, and sizes, particularly in Coaster sets of 6 and 4. Furthermore, these cup coasters provide a firm surface that prevents spills and stains while having a better look.

Coasters Made of Marble

This style is simply a handcrafted marble coaster. The marble coasters for the cup come in various color patterns, ranging from multicolored stone coasters to solid ones. Choose from a coaster set of 6 or a coaster set of 4 made of marble.

Coasters Made of Ceramic

Ceramic coasters are made from ceramic and provide toughness, visual appeal, and usage. These handcrafted tea coasters come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and tea coaster sets that you can use in your kitchen and dining areas. An Overview of Selecting Coasters Coasters are available in a variety of forms and sizes at IndianShelf. Circular, square, hexagonal, wheel-shaped, square with bent corners and abstract shapes are available.

Choose coasters based on the purpose they have or on the design of your house.

Based on Application

You may select coasters based on where you want to use them. Is it used as a coffee table, a dining table, or a showpiece? Color and texture should match the surface and style of the table, and coaster sizes can be decided on by cup or mug sizes. However, you may select coasters for showpieces based on how you like them.

Based on Interior Design

Coasters can be chosen to complement the beauty of your home's furnishings. We suggest buying high-quality coasters made of luxury and durable materials.

Based on material

Coasters are made from various materials, including wood, ceramic, wool, and resin. Select a material that complements your tastes, the design of your place, and the reason for its use. If you want something outstanding, use resin and marble. Wooden coasters may be an excellent choice if you like a more rustic style.

Based on maintenance

Consider how simple it is to clean and maintain the coasters. Some materials, such as wood and textiles, require more excellent care than others.

How To Buy Coasters at Discounted Price From Indianshelf

Some general tips on how to get coasters at a discount from an e-commerce firm like Indianshelf or a similar site. Remember that these tactics may apply to a variety of e-commerce websites:

  • During holidays, festivals, and special events, Indianshelf often has sales. Keep an eye out for occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, or other cultural festivities, as they are more likely to give discounts.
  • Bulk discounts are an effective technique to get clients to buy in quantity.
  • Indianshelf offers discounts during its clearance sale.

Product Customization For Wholesale Buyers

Indianshelf offers customised options to its buyers in the following ways:


  • Customers can either request those particular changes be made to a product or personalize the items themselves.
  • Customers can edit items online in the latter situation, which we provide.
  • Product customisation made a name for itself in e-commerce and immediately grabbed online retailers' interest.
  • Customers can pick features such as color, design, functionality, add-on components, and other choices to make a more distinctive item than a mass-produced one.

Delivery Time ( By sea & air)

Air freight is speedier but often more expensive than sea freight. Delivery times range from a few days to two weeks. However, remember that customs clearance and local logistics may influence delivery time.

Shipping by water is frequently less expensive than shipping by air but also slower. Shipping by sea can take a few weeks to a month, depending on the origin and port of entry.

Easy Payment Methods For Bulk Buyers

IndianShelf offers a variety of convenient payment methods for buying large quantities of small Christmas decorations. These might include:

  • Transfers between banks.
  • Major credit and debit cards may be used to make safe online payments.
  • PayPal is a well-known payment platform globally.
  • Payment instructions for bank transfers or checks are included on invoices.
  • Online payment gateways.

Easy Replacement For Our Buyers

The website of Indianshelf indeed has a clear return and replacement policy. This policy would outline the conditions in which customers can request replacements for items they have purchased. Customers seeking replacements can contact them by email, phone, or live chat.

Digital Content On Your Demand

Indianshelf offers digital content to its retailers in the form of photographs, graphics, templates, or other digital information, which they may use in their products or methods of sale and advertisement. Customer service is always available to provide guidance and support.