Buying Bulk Christmas Ornaments by Type, Size, and Style

Indianshelf is a major wholesale Christmas ornament supplier with a diverse product line that reflects India's rich cultural heritage. Moreover, Indianshelf serves consumers worldwide as an exporter and wholesaler, offering diverse items that showcase India's unique creativity and craftsmanship.

The Religious Belief Behind Christmas Ornaments

The religious significance of vintage Christmas decorations comes from their association with the Christian religion and the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth. Christmas decorations have symbolic meaning because they reflect many parts of the birth story of Lord Jesus and Christian beliefs.

The Different Types of Christmas Ornaments You Can Buy in Bulk

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass Christmas ornaments are available in various styles, ranging from classic round balls to elaborate forms and figures. Consider the overall concept and style you want to accomplish, and then choose decorations that support your idea. They have an exquisite and timeless appearance.

Bird Style Christmas Ornaments: Cute Bird Style Ornament Sets in Bulk

The cute and colourful glass bird ornament is handmade that will complement your Christmas tree or holiday decorations. It is a lifelike portrayal of a beautiful bird in breathtaking detail, handcrafted by expert artisans. This handmade glass bird ornament looks lovely on your Christmas tree, hung in a window, or used as a beautiful addition around your home.

Animal Figurines Clear Glass Christmas Ornaments

Clear glass Christmas ornaments shaped like charming animal figurines featuring intricate details and sparkling transparency will add a playful touch to your holiday tree.

Bulk Christmas Ornament Sizes: Choosing the Right Size for Your Xmas Tree or Decorations

Mini Christmas Ornament

There is something about these bulk Christmas ornaments that makes them so desirable. Mini Christmas ornaments are not limited to Christmas trees; they can be strung on a ribbon to make a lovely garland. Mini decorations in size 1 inch-2 inches in a transparent glass vase would make a gorgeous centrepiece.

Wholesale Jumbo Christmas Ornament

Large Christmas ornaments or Jumbo christmas ornaments create a dramatic and eye-catching statement in your holiday décor. These ornaments, available in Size 6 inches to 7 inches, are intended to provide a sense of richness and whimsy to your Christmas decorations, indoors or outdoors.

Vintage Cute Christmas Ornaments

Vintage cute Christmas ornaments are available in tiny sizes from 1 inch to 2 inches to medium Size 3 inches to 4 inches, allowing you to group them or fill them around your Christmas tree or wreaths. Moreover, vintage cute ornaments may include conventional symbols like Christmas trees, stockings, gifts, a small Santa clause or a star.

Assorted Multicolor Toffee Kids Christmas Tree Decoration Ornaments

These cute multicolour Toffee Kids Christmas Tree ornaments are perfectly crafted with different hues to give a unique and pretty look.

Starfish Christmas Tree Ornaments

These lovely starfish fish tree ornaments embossed with red dots give a beach vibe and indicate the approach to the festive season. Hang them one above the other to provide a more dramatic effect.

Glass Fish Christmas Tree Decorations Ornament

These cute fish-shaped glass ornaments give the whole festive decoration an oceanic or underwater look. These lovely ornaments will also serve as a gift for your friends and relatives this Christmas season. You can hang a couple of them or even a single fish, depending on the size of your tree.

Duck Christmas Tree Decoration Ornaments

You can check our latest duck figurine Christmas tree ornaments with pops of colours that further accentuate the look of the decoration.

Butterfly Glass Christmas Ornaments

Butterflies signify flight and freedom to fly in the clear blue sky; likewise, our realistic and cute Butterfly Glass Christmas Ornaments will also give a sense of freedom and festivity when you see them hanging from the branch of a Christmas tree.

Silver Glass Christmas Ornaments

Even though these ornaments are made of glass, they are painted silver for a luxurious and festive look. They are available in different shapes and sizes.

Red And Purple Mini Christmas Ornaments

Give a bold and vibrant look to your Christmas tree with this handmade red and purple colour mini Christmas ornament in the round, pumpkin and teardrop shapes. It is available single or in sets in different shapes and sizes.

Pear Glass Christmas Ornaments Handpainted In Bright Colors

Buy in bulk Glass Christmas ornaments in bright colours that lighten the Christmas tree. Moreover, they can also be stunning gifting options.

Combo Glass Tiny Christmas Hanging Set

You can also buy a range of tiny glass ornaments in sets or single at wholesale prices in the same or mixed colours.

Clear Crystal Glass Faceted Diamond Christmas Ornaments

The clear glass-faceted diamond Christmas ornament adds shine and light to your Christmas tree decorations. Small christmas ornaments to medium sizes of these ornaments look so unique that you will compel you to buy more than one.

Glass Octagonal Christmas Ornaments

These cut glass Christal glass ornaments will add glamour to your Christmas decoration. The best part of these ornaments is that after the Christmas celebrations have ended, you can also use them in your interiors as vase decorations or as a centrepiece displayed on the coffee table.

Big Christmas Ornaments

Big Christmas ornaments mostly in the shape of a ball, are trendy. Even though it is big, it is not heavy and can be easily hung on a medium to big tree. Besides hanging it on the Christmas tree, it can be used as gifts and decorations during Diwali or wedding ceremonies.

Large Christmas Ornament

Christmas is all about food and decoration, and there are many unique ways to decorate the Christmas tree. Though small ornaments are ideal, large Christmas ornaments can also be added to give it a fuller look.

Extra Large Christmas Ornaments

Extra large Christmas ornaments hangings are the further icing on the cake. Use it at your entrance or outdoors. You can also use it as decoration for the ceiling or the porch.

Keep your festive spirit high with delicious meals, gifts and decorations with your friends and family. Buy the Best Type and Size of Bulk Christmas Ornaments for a Merry Festive Season from Indianshelf in bulk quantities at a reasonable price. Choose Christmas ornaments at wholesale prices in bulk in different shapes and sizes from

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Making Glass Christmas ornaments requires proper training and equipment. You can use epoxy raisin to get a similar effect. Pour the resin liquid into the desired silicone molds. At this stage, you can add glitter or other types of decoration and then let it cool down. Before you pour the epoxy resin into the mould grease it so that it easily comes out. Let it cool down overnight and then you can further add glitters or paint it different patterns and designs.

There are many ways by which you can decorate plain looking glass Christmas tree ornaments. Another way is to it put colorful beads, shells or pom pom balls through the mouth of the ornament. You can also add feathers or faux snow to give it a frosty look. Etching and embossing on the surface of the ornaments is also a popular way to decorate the glass ornament.

There are many christmas decoration made using glass. The most popular of them are baubles, animal figurines, crystal glass faceted glass Christmas ornaments These glass ornaments are made by glass blowing technique. In this process the glass is melted into a desirable shape. They are then painted in desired color and further decorated using glitters or other items.

Painting a Glass Christmas tree ornament is a tough job. First choose the colors you want from acrylic colors palette. Start by using a base color. This color forms the foundation of the main design . You can then add new designs on this base coat at let the paint dry for some time. Lastly, add varnish or color fixer so that the paint doesn't chip off or remove easily.

The first thing you should do when you want to store your christmas tree is to remove all the ornaments or other decorative items that must have used to decorate the tree. The next step is to dismantle the tree so that it is easiest to place it in a storage box. Finally clean the dirt or any other things that are stuck on the leaves and branches of the tree using a vacuum cleaner that increase the lifespan on the tree.

There are many ways by which you can make use of broken plain glass Christmas ornaments. You can make a wonderful mosaic design by sticking the pieces together into an artistic pattern and then use it as a wall hanging. Make use of the broken glass pieces in making unique jewelry. You can also used for garden decoration by placing the broken glass pieces on the pathways.

The best way to stick Clear Glass Christmas ornaments is by using epoxy resin or silicon glue as glass cannot be glued with any ordinary adhesive. In order to get the best results clean the surface properly and then apply the glue. Now apply the glue from top to bottom and then press it slightly using a toothpick. Then leave it to dry in the sun and let the glue do its job. Wipe the excess glue with the help of a tissue or cloth.

Glass can be decorate by etching where the surface is treated with a acidic substance to give it a frosty look. It can also be decoration it with acrylic colors or glitter. Different designs can be painted on the glass surface using the stained glass technique etc

The origin of Clear Glass Christmas ornaments is dated back to 16th century in germany. Earlier the christmas ornaments made in the shape of fruits or nuts. In the olden days these ornaments made by the tradition using the glass blowing method. The ornaments were further improvised by filing them with glitters or colors and now it is not only used for christmas tree decorations but also used in interior design.

While hanging Silver Glass Christmas ornaments first consider the weight and size of the ornament. If they are heavy they can be hang in a garland form. If it is a single ornament hang it on the side of a cup. You can also hang them on windows or mirrors using adhesive hooks.

Bulk Glass Christmas ornaments can be packed separately by personally wrapping each ornament with bubble wrap or newspapers. They can be packed collectively in boxes that are divided into different slots. Finally they can be packed in different layers each containing cotton or anything soft beneath each layer.

Glass Christmas ornaments can be protected by placing cotton underneath the ornaments when packed in corrugated boxes.Another way to protect them is wrapping them in bubble wrap and then placed in storage boxes.

Glass Christmas ornaments are made of glass using traditional techniques and methods. They are further decorated using glitters, artificial snow, beads, feathers and acrylic paints. You can choose from our huge collection different glass ornaments in unique shape and sizes.

Traditional Glass ornaments are actually popular as christmas ornament. They are used for decorating the christmas tree, garland or wreath. They are also considered as gifts for your close friends and family.

If you want to coat the inside of the ornament firstly choose your product. It can be anything acrylic paint, glitters, or artificial snow soda by using baking soda and water. Firstly dry the Clear Glass Christmas ornaments with clean cloth then add your desired product in it and rotate it slightly so that it gets stick to the sides. Your bulk customized ornament is ready to decorate.

yes it is possible to put pictures on your Clear Glass Christmas ornaments this will make it more personalised and decorative. The best and easiest way to add pictures is to apply glue on the corners of the colored paper and press slightly. Another way is buy paper printed in colorful design and stick on to the ornaments. You can also use sparkles or beads to stick on to the design to make it look more attractive.

The Blown Glass Christmas ornament is generally measure with an inch tape or a ruler. If it is a glass bauble the masument will be in diameter and if it an object that has length then the measurement is in inches or foot. The measurements helps us to categorise the into small,medium and large.

Blown Glass Christmas Tree ornaments are fragile decorations that are available in different shapes, sizes, color and designs. The most popular or of glass ornament is the baubles in the shape of a ball. The other form of glass ornaments are in the form of figurines, snowflakes or animal shapes.

Painting a Clear Glass Christmas Tree ornaments will make it more personalised but not all paints can be used on glass surfaces. Acrylic enamel paint gives the best result on glass surfaces. Apply a base coat of any color you want as background then with a thin brass sketch the design you want on it let it dry. Apply some tie and varnish to it so that the paint stays on for a long time.

It is very difficult to mend a broken glass but we can suggest you a couple of ways by which you can repair your damaged ornaments. Firstly you can apply a glue to fix the breakage secondly applying resin can also be of good use. The best advice is to avoid breakage as it will show no matter what you do.

In order to make these Glass Christmas Tree ornament more interesting you can add glitters,feathers and small shells. You can also put small pictures of colorful beads provided they easily slide through the mouth of the ornament.

As glass Christmas ornaments are fragile they can break easily if they are kept outside for decoration.They can also lose their shine and look when they are exposed to wind, rain or sun. So it is advisable to use these glass decorations indoors. Thus can be used for a long time.

Glass Christmas ornaments are made using the glass blowing or molding technique in which the melted glass is shaped according to the desired shape or design. It is further decorated using different techniques and methods and then packed for sale.

One way of storing fragile glass Christmas ornaments is to keep it in small boxes and then placed in bigger boxes this will prevent the ornaments to bump into each other. Another way is to keep them in vacuum sealed bags to prevent them to move.

Glass Christmas ornaments were first made by Christoph muller and Hans Greiner in the year 1597. The First glass ornaments were in the shapes of fruits or nuts in Lauscha first glassworks.

Glass Christmas ornaments break easily when it falls from a height, the broken pieces can be dangerous for crawling babies and kids. Also some glass ornaments contain lead that can be poisonous if your child touches it or take it in his mouth.

Yes, Glass Christmas tree ornaments are expensive due to high manufacturing costs also the cost of storing these valuable ornaments is also very high.

The best way to protect the glass Christmas ornaments is by wrapping them in tissue papers,bubble wrap or old newspapers.and place these christmas ornament seperatly avoid rubbing them against each other. and avoid breaking them.

The making of Clear Glass Christmas Tree ornaments started in Germany. Initially, a garland of a string of glass beads and tins was used, and later due to the growing demand for these glass ornaments they were manufactured on a large scale with a lot of modifications.

To make Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments a glass tube is taken with one end where air is blown and the other end is heated till it melts. It can then be molded into desired shapes. The molded shape has to be cooled then it can be dipped in lacquer solution to get the desired color.

Christmas Tree ornaments are also called Christmas decorations and baubles for Christmas balls used to decorate the Christmas tree. They come in different sizes and shapes. Some are made in a single solid color while others are decorated with silver glitters or embossed designs.

The best-known fact about Clear Glass Christmas ornaments is that it was first made 3000 years old. It was initially used for making glass beads.

Handmade Christmas ornaments in bulk are exclusively available on in a range of sizes and colours. Using personalised ornaments is also a terrific method, especially if you have certain decoration requirements. To create certain decoration ideas, you can use paint, glitter, ribbon, sequins, and so forth. These operate well and can aid in the creation of one-of-a-kind patterns. To achieve the greatest effects, purchase the best tree decorating ideas and ornaments from Indianshelf while keeping the tree profile and structure in mind. Remember that the size of the tree determines the number of decorations required.