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The Gajalakshmi Vilakku oil lamp is a classic brass oil lamp with great significance in Hindu culture. It is called after the Hindu goddess of fortunes, prosperity, and wealth, Lakshmi. It is frequently shown seated on a lotus, flanked by elephants, indicating majesty and prosperity. It has a distinct shape with a central stem or pedestal often covered with exquisite carvings and ornaments symbolising the goddess Lakshmi and elephants. The branch is capped with a tiny oil reservoir that retains the lamp's oil.

The Kamatchi Vilakku medieval oil lamp is a traditional brass oil lamp named after the Hindu goddess Kamatchi, which is considered a form of the divine mother Parvati, representing beauty, grace, and prosperity. It features an intricate design that includes a central stem or pedestal, often adorned with intricate carvings and embellishments, representing the lotus seat of the goddess Kamatchi. The top of the Kamatchi Vilakku oil lamp is designed with multiple branches or arms, which hold small cups or holders for cotton wicks. The wicks are adjustable, allowing the flame to be controlled and customised according to the user's preference.

Mayur Vilakku, or the Mayur South Indian Oil Lamp, is a traditional brass oil lamp from Tamil Nadu in South India. "Mayur" means "peacock" in Sanskrit, and this lamp is called for the peacock theme that frequently appears in its design. It has a distinctive and elaborate form comprising a central stem or pedestal often embellished with beautifully carved peacock designs.

The traditional Kerala oil lamp, also known as the Nilavilakku oil lamp, is a brass oil lamp peculiar to the South Indian state of Kerala. In Malayalam, the indigenous language of Kerala, "nilavilakku" refers to the "blue lamp," referring to the characteristic blue-coloured glass or enamelwork seen on these lamps. The Nilavilakku oil lamp is a sign of auspiciousness, spirituality, and blessings in Hindu rites, festivals, and festivities, notably in Kerala.

The Thooku Vilakku, or hanging kuthu vilakku oil lamp, is also known as the hanging lamp commonly used in South Indian households and temples. "Thooku" in Tamil, the local language of Tamil Nadu, means "hanging," which refers to the unique feature of this lamp - it is suspended from a hook or chain, allowing it to hang and emit light from above.

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