Bronze Oil Lamps

People were using bronze oil lamps from the ancient time. Not only in India but it was also a tradition of many countries before the invention of electric lamps. In the age of Catholic, during 4500 to 3300BC people were using bronze oil lamps to light their homes but only a few people are using it in our today’s era.

Bronze oil lamps have a unique significance in India because people use bronze oil lamps in the temples.  The people of Hindu religion have faith and also recommended to light a bronze oil lamp in the temple to start the worship of God and Goddess. According to Hindu mythology, lighting a bronze oil lamp before beginning the prayer and worship of God and Goddess symbolises the sorrow and grief.

Hindu people used light bronze oil lamps on all auspicious occasion such as Deepawali, Dusshera, and Navratri and also in their daily prayer and worship. People believe that if they light a bronze oil lamp in their home then all the negative energy in the form of darkness will get reduced and they also invite and welcome their god to spread happiness in their family.

However, maintaining the shine of bronze oil lamps by using them on a daily basis is very difficult. So, in the article, I will draw your attention on some tips and trick through which you can shine your bronze oil lamps.

Tips and tricks to maintain the shine of your old bronze oil lamps

•    Use Toothpaste to clean the bronze oil lamps

Take some toothpaste in a cotton cloth and then rub it on the bronze oil lamps. But before using this, it is recommended to wash that bronze oil lamps with water and then pat dry it with a cloth. Then rub bronze oil lamp with toothpaste until it’s spotless. When you are done remove the stains and excessive toothpaste with tissue paper.

•    Use Vinegar and flour mixture to clean the bronze oil lamps

Another method of cleaning and maintaining the shine of your bronze oil lamps to wash to them with vinegar and flour mixture. To prepare this, use the same amount of vinegar and flour in 2:2 along with the same amount of water and then make a thick paste. Apply this thick paste on the bronze oil lamps and let it dry. Once it is a complete dry wash this bronze oil lamp with soap water and then pats dry to use.

•    Use lemon juice to clean the bronze oil lamps

Take some lemon juice and half lemon and then rub it on the surface of a bronze oil lamp. Or you can also use a cloth and then dip it in the lemon juice then rub it on the bronze oil lamp. Once all the stains get clean wash the metal with warm water.

All the tips mentioned above are handy to clean and maintain the shine of bronze oil lamps, and in Hindu religion, it is recommended to use clean and clear bronze oil lamps before starting the prayers.