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Bastar, a region in central India, is famous for its distinctive and colorful tribal art, known as Bastar art. This art form is deeply rooted in the culture, customs, and way of life of the native peoples of the Bastar region. Bastar Skill has earned national and global recognition for its rich history and appealing beauty, making it a popular option for home décor and art fans.

What exactly is Bastar Art?

Bastar art is a traditional tribal art style that emerged in the Chhattisgarh area of India. It is an old skill firmly rooted in the tribal tribes' cultural and spiritual rituals. This art genre primarily consists of sculptures, artifacts, and ornamental objects distinguished by their distinctive patterns, precise craft, and intimate relationship with tribal beliefs and mythology.

Where and How Can I Find Bastar Art?

In the southern portion of India's Chhattisgarh state, the Bastar area is the hub of Bastar art in bulk. Numerous tribal people, including the Gond, Muria, Maria, and Dhurwa tribes, primarily populate the area. Over decades, these tribes have conserved and promoted the Bastar art form, handing down their ancient techniques and traditions to ensure the authenticity of this one-of-a-kind creation.

Bastar art includes sculptures, figurines, wall hangings, home décor items, jewelry, and valuable things. These items are frequently composed of wood, terracotta, and metal alloys, with Dokra being a particular metalworking method utilized in creating sculptures and objects.

How are they made?

Bastar art results from a rigorous and detailed procedure that begins with selecting proper materials like those mentioned below:

  • Dokra Art: Dokra is a tribal craftsman's brass-casting process. The procedure involves placing a wax model within a clay mold. When the mold is heated, the wax melts and is replaced with molten brass, creating a one-of-a-kind metal sculpture.
  • Terracotta Art: Terracotta is a traditional media in Bastar art that involves molding clay into desired shapes, sun drying, and fire to make stunning sculptures and objects.
  • Wooden Bastar Art: Intricate designs are carved on wooden blocks by skilled artisans to make gorgeous sculptures, masks, and home décor items.
  • Bamboo Art: Bamboo, a plentiful resource in the Bastar area, makes baskets, showpieces, and numerous valuable items. The artisans use traditional bamboo weaving techniques to create beautiful products.

Bastar Art Forms

Bastar art has several forms, each with its distinct traits and significance:


Tribal life, animals, deities, and mythological figures are popular Bastar sculptures. These sculptures are famous for their raw, rustic appearance and symbolic depictions of tribal beliefs and traditions.

Local Religious Deities and Mythical Characters:

Bastar art frequently depicts local deities and mythical characters from tribal mythology, illustrating the community's spiritual and cultural roots.

House Decorations:

Because of its aesthetic appeal and cultural relevance, Bastar art has grown in favor of an option for house décor. Artists make ornamental objects such as wall hangings, candle stands, and figurines that uniquely touch any home.

Why Should You Buy Bastar Art for Your Home Decor?

Bastar art is a fantastic home décor choice since it uniquely combines history, artistry, and cultural heritage. Incorporating Bastar art into your house allows you to connect with the tribal groups' rich history and legends, bringing a sense of authenticity and cultural diversity to your living spaces.

The Importance of Bastar Art in Your Home Decor Projects

Incorporating Bastar art into your home décor projects improves the beauty of your living spaces, supports indigenous artisans, and helps preserve their traditional trade. By displaying Bastar art in your house, you help to promote sustainable and ethical art forms, offering the future growth and recognition of this ancient art form.

Dokra and Terracotta Art Forms

Terracotta and Dokra are two primary art forms in Bastar, each with its distinct charm and manner of production.

Terracotta: is an old type of art that involves molding clay into desired shapes and burning it at high temperatures. This approach produces sculptures and artifacts that are both strong and visually pleasing.

Dokra: is a traditional metalworking process that employs clay molds, wax modeling, and brass casting. Brass sculptures with detailed motifs and a rustic polish are the perfect products.

Wooden Bastar art: displays artists' skill in carving lovely designs on wood. Wooden sculptures, masks, and different ornamental objects or art forms portray the spirit of tribal life and culture.

Bastar Bamboo Artwork

Bamboo, a flexible and abundant material in the Bastar area, is used to create intricate bamboo artwork. Traditional weaving techniques are used by skilled craftsmen to make various objects ranging from baskets and showpieces to lampshades and furniture, showing the beauty and versatility of bamboo.

Bastar art is a treasure mine of native creativity and artistic talent deeply based in the region's tribal cultures. Bastar art has a particular position in traditional Indian craftsmanship because of its unique forms, such as Dokra, terracotta, wooden, and bamboo art, as well as its representation of local deities, mythical characters, and ordinary tribal life. Choosing Bastar art for your home décor adds to your environment's beauty and helps preserve and appreciate this timeless tribal art form.

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