Metal Door knockers


IndianShelf is a wholesale exporter and manufacturer of stunning brass door knockers in different shapes and designs. We take great satisfaction in delivering a broad assortment of high-quality door knockers in bulk from India to the USA that showcase India's rich craftsmanship and vintage art. We are wholesale manufacturers of metal door knockers and have them available in numerous designs :

Typical Ring Knocker

In this traditional knocker, a metal ring is hung from a plate or bracket affixed to the door in this classic style. The handmade metal ring is usually large enough to be grabbed and struck on the plate, creating a unique sound.

Lion's Head Metal Door Knocker

These door knockers are decorated with a lion's head design, which is finely carved. Visitors use the ring or ball in the lion's mouth to knock on the door.

Knocker in the Shape of a Hand

Hand-shaped door knockers resemble a human hand, usually in a clenched fist or open-palm stance. The door is given a distinct and occasionally quirky look.

Victorian Knocker

Victorian-style door knockers are often exquisite and intricately detailed. Floral themes, scrolls, and other ornamental features are frequently used to manufacture knockers.

Nautical Knockers

Anchors, ships, mermaids, and seahorses are common features on nautical-themed door knockers. These styles are popular for residences near the shore or with a marine theme.

Knocker in Contemporary Or Modern Design

Modern door knockers come in a variety of abstract or minimalist forms. They may feature geometric designs, smooth lines, or creative patterns for a stylish appearance.

IndianShelf offers eBay dropshipping metal door knockers that are available in a range of finishes, allowing homeowners to match them to their desired aesthetic.

The best dropshipping product, i.e. metal door knockers, can be attached to many doors in the following locations:

Front Door

Installing the metal door knocker on the front or main door is common. The entrance is the main point of access to the building and often serves as the centrepiece of the exterior. A metal door knocker may be ornamental and practical, allowing guests and house members to signal their arrival.

Rear Door

Installing a solid handcrafted metal door knocker might be a sensible solution if the rear or back door is commonly used as an access point. Still, it should be at shoulder length and eye level.

Side Door

Metal door knockers look great on side doors, such as those leading to a garden, patio, or garage. They provide a quick approach for guests to knock on arrival while maintaining the entryway's overall aesthetic attractiveness.

Metal door knockers can be mounted on gates in some circumstances, especially in bigger estates or gated communities. This allows visitors to warn folks within the home before entering.

When installing a heavy metal door knocker, ensure the door or gate is strong enough to hold its weight. The mounting hardware should be secure and precisely aligned to ensure the door knocker is securely mounted. When choosing a door knocker, keep the architectural style and design of the door or entry in mind to complement the overall aesthetic.

We at IndianShelf provide a comprehensive choice of metal door knockers in large numbers as wholesale suppliers, providing simple payments and low costs for retailers. Door knockers in our collection are suited for various styles, including shabby chic and retro designs.

As a wholesale supplier, we provide bulk discounts to our loyal merchants to optimize their profit margins. Our price system is designed to handle bulk orders, making stocking our door-knockers economically possible for enterprises of all sizes.

We recognize that each project has unique requirements; thus, we provide customization choices for door knocker sizes. Our staff is committed to collaborating with shops to meet their needs, ensuring that the door knockers precisely match the intended purpose.

We aim for timely delivery and work hard to process and ship orders quickly to avoid any delays. Our efficient logistics network ensures that shops receive their purchases on time, allowing them to meet their customers' expectations without unnecessary waiting periods.

Maintaining a large stock of door knockers is critical to our operations. We realize the value of having quickly available inventory, allowing businesses to place orders without worrying about availability difficulties. Our sophisticated inventory management system guarantees that various patterns of metal knockers and quantities are always in stock.

Our team is committed to providing exceptional assistance to sellers and retailers throughout their journey. From providing comprehensive product information and answering queries to offering guidance on inventory selection, we strive to deliver excellent customer service.

In addition to tangible items, we provide digital material explicitly customised for resellers. This includes high-quality photos, full product descriptions, and marketing materials that sellers may use to advertise our metal door knockers effectively.

We value our retail partner's satisfaction and want to develop long-term relationships based on trust and mutual success. You can now contact us at and 00918178971415 to learn more about our wide variety, bulk prices, customisation chances and experience our efficient and dependable services.