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Number Ceramic Knob -7

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Number Ceramic Knob -6

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Number Ceramic Knob -5

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Buy Ceramic Numeric Knob in Bulk

The Indianshelf ceramic numerical knobs series includes white and black egg-shaped door knobs with numbered labels on the knob front. You can select from various numbers, ranging from 1 to 10. The spindles are available in antique, silver, and gold finishes.

If you enjoy geometrical or patterned decor, these knobs are ideal. These small knobs are also suitable for locations where functionality is a top priority, such as the pantry, library, or cabinet room.

These knobs have a distinct design, allowing you to organize several things, and are simple to use. These are also suitable for tiny office spaces and retail businesses, where items may be classified and stored in cabinets with numerically numbered door knobs.

The ceramic knobs are handcrafted and have a beautiful, translucent appearance.

Check out our wholesale collection of ceramic solid color knobs on for more colorful styles.

Types of Ceramic Numeric Knobs You Can Buy In Bulk

Finish you pick, our number door knobs are a fantastic decoration and an excellent way to personalize your door artistically. There are several ways to use your number knob; you may personalize them for birthdays, anniversaries, and anything else.

  • Classic Round Ceramic Numeric Knobs
  • These knobs have numeric designs in a classic round form and are simple and timeless. They are flexible and may go with a variety of furniture types.

  • Hand-Painted Ceramic Numeric Knobs
  • These knobs contain unique and creative numeric designs. Each knob may differ slightly, making them unique as ornamental items.

    Modern Numeric Knobs

    Choose numeric knobs with sleek, clean lines for a modern, minimalist aesthetic. These knobs look well with modern décor.

  • Numeric Knobs for Children's Room

These knobs are frequently designed for children's rooms and contain amusing numeric motifs and bright colors to appeal to youngsters.

Do you want to know how to obtain these unique ceramic knobs? Visit IndianShelf’s website, select your numbers, finish style, and click to buy, and you'll enjoy your very own number knobs in only a few clicks. These also make wonderfully exclusive gifts.

Please contact us if you want assistance.

How To Choose Ceramic Numeric Knob

It is simple to buy ceramic numeric knob in bulk! First, choose your preferred style, such as modern or classic. Then consider where you'll put it, such as on a cabinet or door. Measure the size you require, choose a color that complements your design, and ensure it is within your budget. Examine its durability and ease of installation.

To get ceramic numeric knobs at a discount from Indianshelf, visit our website and search for the knobs you want. Filters can help you limit your style, size, and color selections. On the website, look for any active discounts or deals. Check for bulk purchase options if you're buying in volume, as these generally come with discounted pricing.

When you've found the knobs you want, add them to your basket and check them out. Before confirming your purchase, double-check your order details and payment information. Finally, watch the shipping and delivery procedures to ensure your knobs reach securely and on time.

Customization of Products for Wholesale Buyers

If you wish to buy a wholesale quantity of ceramic numeric knobs, you can request that the manufacturer customize them to your specifications. You may select the colors, styles, and sizes that best suit your needs.

Time for delivery (by sea and air)

When you purchase the knobs, you may specify how you want them delivered in India. Opting for 'by the sea' may take a little longer, but it is typically less expensive. If you select 'by air,' you will get a faster delivery but at a higher expense.

Payment Options for Bulk Buyers

You may pay in various methods if you buy many knobs. You can pay with credit cards, bank transfers, Paypal, or other means that suit you best.

Ceramic Numeric Knobs Digital Content on Demand

You can ask us if you want further information about the knobs, such as images or documentation. We are available to assist you with whatever you require.

Digital content will help your business in advertisement and improve reselling probability.

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