Brass Cobra Door Pull

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Welcome to Indianshelf, your one-stop shop for the best metal kitchen cabinet Handles and knobs! Indianshelf, a leading wholesale supplier of metal handles, provides a diverse selection of exquisite and one-of-a-kind handles ideal for adding a touch of beauty and usefulness to your furniture and cabinets. Our collection contains many shabby chic handles to improve any environment's visual appeal.

We also provide an outstanding variety of brass metal handles inspired by traditional Indian themes and folk art styles at the Indianshelf. Expert artisans create our brass door handles and knobs, bringing beauty and refinement to your furniture or cabinets. We also have a unique collection of Brass handles in various forms and sizes, with decorations such as elephants, fish, peacocks, and classic Indian scripture symbols such as serpentines, dragons, rosettes and mudras. These patterns are meticulously produced with attention to detail, displaying India's rich cultural past and giving your furniture or cabinets a distinctive flare.

We provide brass handles influenced by folk art forms such as dhokra, tuskar, and tribal art, in addition to classic designs. Dhokra art is a traditional Indian style that employs the lost wax casting method to produce elaborate and rustic designs. In contrast, tusker art incorporates brass handles with elephant motifs representing power and wisdom. Tribal art celebrates the bright and distinct art traditions of India's diverse tribal cultures, with bold and tribal-inspired patterns that make a statement in any interior area. Our brass handles are utilitarian and attractive, adding cultural and aesthetic importance to your furniture or cabinets. They are great for individuals who value traditional Indian art and wish to include it in their home decor. You may add a touch of Indian heritage and folk art forms to your room by using our expertly made-brass handles to boost the beauty of your furniture or cabinets.

One of the primary benefits of associating with Indianshelf as a wholesaler is our dedication to offering merchants quick payment options and reasonable rates. We recognise the value of affordability and flexibility, and our pricing methodology is designed to ensure that our merchants can maximise profits without sacrificing quality. We are the best dropshipping suppliers offering bulk discounts to our valued clients wishing to purchase in significant numbers. Many of our customers, such as builders, manufacturers, and distributors, require metal handles in quantity for their projects or operations. Our bulk discounts are intended to give cost-effective solutions and significant savings to our clients who want large numbers of metal handles. Our bulk discount offer is straightforward and straightforward. As the number of metal handles in your purchase increases, you become eligible for progressively more significant discounts. Our sales staff can help you determine the best price alternatives for your unique needs, ensuring you obtain the most competitive rates for your bulk orders.

We recognise that every customer has different wants and preferences. That is why we provide the option of bespoke dresser handles and knobs made of solid brass metal, allowing you to design handles matched to your individual needs and vision. Our professionals can help you through the process and guarantee that the finished product surpasses your expectations, whether you have a specific design in mind or need aid in creating a handle. Customised metal handles allow you to select the metal, finish, size, form, and design that best complements your furniture or cabinets.

We are the best dropshipping website and enjoy giving our clients fast shipping on our quality metal handles. Our dedication to providing excellent customer service means your orders will be handled and sent with unparalleled speed and efficiency, ensuring you receive your metal handles as soon as possible. Our quick delivery procedure starts the moment your order is verified. Our trained warehouse crew skillfully chooses and packs your metal handles and supervises if they are correctly secured to prevent damage during shipment. We deal with reputable shipping companies to ensure timely and dependable delivery, with expedited shipping options available for customers who want their metal handles immediately.

We also appreciate constructive feedback from our consumers. This input enables us to discover areas for improvement and make changes to serve our clients better and improve our goods and services regularly, ensuring that we meet and surpass our customers' expectations. In addition to our broad selection of metal handles, Indianshelf also provides digital material for resale. Our high-quality product photographs and descriptions are great for online merchants, allowing them to promote our items on their Alibaba dropshipping websites or marketplaces successfully. At Indianshelf, we make it simple to place orders and contact us. If you have any questions or want to place an order, email us at You may also call us at 00918178971415.