Paper mache Christmas ornaments

When you think of paper mache Christmas ornaments, it transports us to our childhood days when we were given projects during art and craft class. These ornaments became very popular as Christmas ornaments during the 16th or 17th century. They were first introduced by a Persian mystic on his way to Kashmir.

What are Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments?

In simple words, paper mache Christmas ornaments are small decorative items made by hand to adorn the Christmas tree during Christmas or used as a display or decoration. Paper mache is the art of creating ornaments by twisting and pasting bits of paper with glue into different shapes and designs.

Why are paper mache Christmas ornaments popular?

These handcrafted paper mache ornaments adorn the Christmas tree, garlands and wreath on Christmas and are an integral part of the festival decoration. The popular designs are in the shape of baubles, animal figurines, Santa Clause and bells. Check indianshelf for a huge range of wholesale Christmas ornaments at discounted prices.

Making a paper mache Christmas craft is a long and tedious process. Following are the ingredients used for making paper mache Christmas ornaments

  • A Balloon
  • Strips of paper
  • Glue
  • Acrylic colours
  • Glitter or beads

Easy to Make Paper Mache Christmas Decorations

To make the mould of the ornament, take a big balloon and fill it with air till it grows big. Now make a paste with glue and water. Cover the paper strips with this glue, stick it to the ballon and press lightly. Similarly, keep pasting all the strips onto the balloon individually. Make two to three layers of this paper and glue it to get a hard and sturdy base or mould once it is dried completely. Finally, pull out the inflated balloon; the desired mould is left.

Now for the decoration, Paint the base with a single colour; to get a nice backdrop. Now you can sketch the design on this mould. Stick embellishments like beads, shells or other items, and attach a string at one end to make it ready to be hung on to the Christmas tree.

Vintage Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments Kashmiri Style

Though the initial process of making the base is similar, the only difference is using clay to shape the mould along with strips of paper and glue. What makes Kashmiri ornaments unique is the presence of intricate designs in the shape of flowers, motifs, animal sketches etc. The Kashmiri-style paper mache Christmas ornaments are not just decorations; they are state-of-the-art art pieces that can be cherished for years.

What are some of the benefits of using paper mache ornaments?

Christmas paper mache ornaments are the best and most popular choice for decorating the Christmas tree during the holidays or Christmas. A few reasons are listed below:

Economical: Since the paper mache ornaments are made of old strips of paper, glue and colours, the cost of making them is negligible.

Artistic And Crafty: Since these ornaments are very simple to make with no professional skill required, they can be made by children, keeping them occupied and creative.

Delicate: Paper mache Christmas ornaments are lightweight and can be used in large quantities for decorating the Christmas tree without worrying about the size of the tree.

Environmentally safe: The handmade paper mache Christmas ornaments are eco-friendly as they can be made of recyclable paper; it is a good option to use when trying to conserve our natural resources.

Souvenir or memento: Since the paper mache Christmas ornament is handmade and is durable, not prone to breakage easily, you can store them in nice boxes and pass it on to the next generation as a souvenir or memento to be cherished for years.

Types of Vintage Paper Mache Ornaments

Star Ornament: A popular Christmas ornament made from cardboard and old paper strips is easy to make. Cut the cardboard into the shape of a star and then stick the strips of paper with the help of glue. Let it dry for a day, and then apply silver colour and glitters to make it look realistic and ready to be hung on the Christmas tree.

Paper Mache Ball Ornament: Making a paper mache ball-shaped Christmas ornament is fun. It uses an inflated balloon on which paper strips are stuck with glue. It is then dried in the sun for at least 24 hours, and you get your base. Colour it with vibrant colours, floral designs, patterns, beads, and glitter. Ball Ornament are the first choice when you are decorating your Christmas tree.

Animal Shape Ornament: Using animal-shaped paper mache Christmas ornament gives your Christmas tree decoration a playful touch. You can use balloons or wires to make the base and provide a proper shape to the ornament. However, making them with balloons is simpler, whereas using wires and pliers is essential when working on details. Finally, cover them with paper strips and paint them accordingly. Now attach a ribbon on top of the ornament, and it is ready to hang.

People: The method of making people shape paper mache Christmas ornament is the same. The only difference is when you must try to make it look realistic. Paint the eyes, mouth and hair with different colours and the attire to make it look like a real handmade paper mache figurine.

In addition to the above designs, there are a few designs that are equally popular as paper mache Christmas ornaments, for example:

  • Snowflakes
  • Stockings
  • Gingerbread
  • Christmas ornaments, bells
  • Star shapes
  • Angels
  • Conical tree

Where to Buy Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments at Wholesale

If you are interested in purchasing paper mache ornaments online, then there are a couple of options available

Local craft suppliers: If you are looking for authentic paper mache Christmas ornaments, then you need to check the local craft suppliers near you. Ask them about new designs and your requirement. They will show new products and tell you about the price at which it is available.

Wholesale suppliers: If you wish to buy paper mache ornaments in bulk, you can contact indianshelf wholesale suppliers or wholesale Christmas ornaments manufacturers. You can choose from various designs in different shapes and designs. You can buy them at wholesale rates at our online store.

In conclusion, the wholesale personalisable paper mache Christmas ornaments are lightweight and useful. They can also be customised according to your design and affordability. You can purchase them from wholesale suppliers, retail shops or art and craft stores. As they are very colourful and sturdy, they add a very bright festive look to your tree and the room where the Christmas tree is placed.

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The choice of Paper Mache Christmas ornament is a personal choice. However, handmade paper mache ornaments are widely popular as they are available in various choices and sizes and are quite durable. Bauble or ball-shaped paper mache Christmas ornament remains the first choice. Still, if the kids of your family are decorating the tree then they will choose an animal-shaped, star-shaped, Santa Clause or clown-shaped ornament.

The number of paper mache Christmas tree decorations is directly related to the size of the tree. If it is a tabletop tree measuring 4 inches, 10 to 20 ornaments are enough. If it is a 5-inch tree, 20 to 30 ornaments are enough. The more branches of the tree, the more the possibility to hang the bulk paper mache ornaments. Last but not least, the weight of the ornaments should also be considered before hanging the ornament.

Making bulk paper mache ornaments is a tedious process and involves a lot of time; therefore, these ornaments' prices are generally high. Also, the things involved in making them are also expensive. The best price of these ornaments should be available with the wholesaler as you get them at a discounted price.

To find bulk paper mache Christmas ornaments for your tree, you need to do a detailed search by typing proper keywords in the search section. Check the indianshelf for the new range of paper mache ornaments to buy in bulk quantities. You can also visit the art and craft store and ask them about the price and delivery details. Go to trade fairs and meals, where you will many numerous artisans selling paper mache Christmas Ornaments in Bulk Quantities.

Though it is unsafe to use paper mache Christmas Ornaments outdoors, you must follow some instructions if you still have to use them. Firstly protect your ornaments from rain, extremely humid weather or sunlight. As the harmful rays of the sun fade the colour of the paper Mache ornament, it is advisable to place a shade on top of the ornament. You also apply varnish or colour to protect the colour and finish of the paper mache ornament.

Yes, it is possible to light up your handcrafted paper mache ornaments. You can insert led lights or fairy lights to get your paper mache christmas ornaments glow. After you have inserted the lights in the ornament secure it at the mouth to prevent it from moving or sticking to the corners.

There are a few things you should understand if you don't want your ornaments to fade away. Firstly apply varnish or sealant that keeps the color intact and prevent it from fading. Secondly, keep the paper mache christmas ornaments from direct sunlight. Constant exposure to uv rays diminishes the color. Lastly Keep the ornaments in bubble wraps or in a safe place . If you are decorating it in a sunny place keep it under a shelter this will help you keep the color of the ornament intact.

You don't have to be a professional in making glow in dark colored paper mache christmas ornaments. Your kids will be amazed when they will learn the trick involved in making the ornaments glow. Just by applying glow-in-the-dark paints you can completely change the look of an ordinary christmas ornament into glow in the dark christmas ornament.

The best way to bulk Christmas ornaments is by searching for wholesalers selling Christmas ornaments online; you can also check online retailers who have their websites go through them and make your choice. You can also visit the art suppliers or visit local craft stores. Visit trade shows and exhibitions and ask them for wholesale supply of paper mache ornaments. Finally, go online shopping and search for manufacturers of bulk Christmas ornaments.

Yes, it is possible to attach christmas tree paper mache to glass. There are many ways to attach them to glass christmas ornaments the first is with glue , the second way is using double sided tape and the last option is with the help of a ribbon or string.

To make Vintage paper mache ornaments we need a balloon and blow it to a nice big ball. Now prepare a paste with flour and water. Cut thin strips of paper and start sticking them on the inflated ball one by one with the help of the flour paste. Generally three layer of paper are needed to make a sturdy piece or ornaments.One piece of advice is to use plain paper instead of old printed paper to get best result.

Paper Mache decorations were being made long time ago but in records it was first made in the mid 20th century. Due to a sudden rise in the demands of people wanting to buy paper mache ornaments popularised the paper mache christmas ornaments. The popular designs were in the shape of funny characters or clowns which were made of sticks, flour paste and paper strips.

The initial procedure of < ahref="">Making Paper Mache Christmas decorations is done with an inflated balloon on which thin paper strips are glued. After drying, you get a hardball. Now cut it into letters or alphabets to make learning for kids full of fun or play. Let kids colour them with colours or glue them with ribbons or small decoration items to give them a finishing touch.

There are many ways to decorate paper mache ornaments. The most common way is to color with a single color with the help of a brush and paint. You can further decorate it using glitters, beads and other kinds of decorative items. To make it more personalised you can add names or stickers on to its surface.

The traditional way to make paper mache christmas ornaments is by using strips of paper or old twisted wires. Start by taking a big balloon and blow it to a big size ball and then seal the mouth of the ballon with the help of a knot.Cut small or long strips of paper and fill a bowl with glue and little water. Then with the help a brush apply these strips with this paste on to the inflated balloon one by one. After the balloon is completely covered with these strips let it dry for 24 hours. Carefully cut the seal of balloon and you will get a paper ball that is hard and round. Color it or decorate it and you have a paper mache ball ready.