Answer - The purpose of cabinet hardware is to open cabinet doors and drawers. Knobs and pulls help prevent grease from being transferred from oily fingers onto the face of the cabinet. Knobs, on the other hand, vary from pulls in that they demand the use of the thumb in addition to one or two fingers, whereas pulls require three to four fingers. As a result, pulls are often simpler to grasp than knobs, yet the consensus is that top cabinets may be opened with less effort by utilizing knobs.

Answer - As we deal in wholesale, we keep the prices of models confidential to protect sellers' privacy.

Answer - Becoming a buyer and buying process is simple and easy, and you can become a buyer by sending us an enquiry mail. 1) Select models/products you want. 2) Put them in the inquiry cart. 3) Set the quantity of each model you want. 4) Click on the 'send inquiry' button. You will receive a five-digit inquiry number. After receiving your mail, we will email you the order sheet with prices and shipping for your approval. You may refer to the following YouTube links for the IndianShelf buying process. If you still have any queries, contact us at or Whatsapp at 00 91 8178971415.

Answer - No, we do not send free samples, as we don't take orders in tiny quantities, although the capital amount of pieces (if purchased) can be adjusted in future or further purchases.

Answer - Buyers pay import duties and taxes, which vary according to country norms and regulations. Moreover, Buyers can easily regulate these payments under the supervision of agents.

Answer - We supply orders by air or by sea. For small orders, usually, air shipment is more feasible, and we provide at-door shipment of goods through Fedex or DHL. Furthermore, these supplies generally take 3-4 days to dispatch and 7-8 days to reach your doorstep. Sea is another mode of shipment, typically suitable for bulk orders. Reaching your nearest seaport takes 45-50 days; it is economical and convenient for bulk orders.

Answer - We have two transaction modes; one transfer mode is through Paypal, and the other is through bank transfer.

Answer - We regularly update our website with new and distinct products. To pick and choose from new arrivals, you can scroll to the top right of the website’s homepage, and you will find a section for the new arrival to get your hands on them.

Answer - As per our buyer's need, we do customise products. Following your customisation request, we incorporate specific quality standards to reach the desired result within 30-45 days.

Answer - Yes, We replenish our inventory at regular intervals. Within 30-45 days, our whole inventory goes through replenishment.

Answer - We solely believe in our buyer's satisfaction; in case of any discrepancies in the quality of the product on paper/site and in physical form, our return policy is at your bay. We work based on our mutual understanding; following are the two options; 1)If you want a refund for a certain quantity of products that you are not satisfied with or have some quality issue, we will provide you with a refund for that quantity of products. 2)In case of replacement, we will try to add or supply the quantity of replacement with your next shipment.

Answer - MOQ usually refers to “Minimum order quantity”, as the name suggests; MOQ is a minimum quantity of a model or product you can order from us. Though there is no minimum quantity for orders, ordering in bulk will cut you some slack in shipping charges. The more quantity you order, the better the discounts you get and vice-versa.