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Question 1 - Are silver earrings safe to wear?

Answer - It is observed that if you opt for buying the Silver Earrings online especially the sterling silver ones then you are making a good selection. The same has pure silver along with an alloy. Since pure silver is hard to turn to ornaments, opting for sterling one is a good idea. Since these have low copper or nickel content then the same may not be quite allergic to you. If you notice that your ears turn green on wearing this then your earrings have a huge amount of copper. On the other hand, if you opt for fashion earrings or those with a low amount of silver then the same can be irritating for your ears and this may prove to be harsh on you after an extended period of use. Although some of the retailers may advise you to buy the stainless-steel variants instead of the silver earrings. However, these are not safe for your needs.

Question 2 - Can silver earrings cause infection?

Answer - Utilizing silver earrings for women with messy studs can create an infection. Also, frequently touching the earlobes with unclean hands may additionally cause contamination. Further causes may include - unclean earrings, support may be too tiny, or the clasp pin is put on too firmly. That said, as the sterling material is a combination of other elements apart from pure silver (as pure silver is normally too weak for earrings), be certain to watch out for a 925 mark, which guarantees the silver is indeed 92.5% genuine and will therefore be less inclined to hurt your skin. But, if you are looking at sterling silver earrings, you want to make certain that the description shows that they are built with “nickel-free sterling silver”. That way, you can be almost sure that what you’re about to place in your ears does not include nickel, which otherwise can produce an allergic response in your ears when you use any earring made from nickel and silver alloy.

Question 3 - How to clean silver earrings?

Answer - If you do not have much time to maintain and upkeep your silver jewellery or wish to take professional help then you can follow the below-mentioned ideas. Alternatively, you can opt for such designs that may look okay as they tarnish or get oxidised. For instance - use oxidised jewellery for everyday use. However, maintaining all forms of Silver Earrings is possible using the following cleaning ideas - • You can also use lemon or lime to ensure that you have a good shine on your silver earrings • Put the silver earrings into a pot with boiling water plus add a pinch of baking soda along with salt. This will clear away all the dust and grime from the jewellery surface. • Another good idea is to use a tablespoon of white vinegar by mixing with two tablespoons of baking soda for achieving the natural polish to the silver earrings.

Question 4 - Which silver is best for earrings?

Answer - Undoubtedly, the 92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings are the best for you. While choosing these try to avoid the ones having nickel. The higher the content of silver in the earrings, the safer it is for your needs. If you have extremely sensitive skin, then opting for this idea bring excellent results for the purpose. This is the purest form of the silver that can buy for yourself. Fine silver earrings are lustrous in nature and can be formed into beautiful Jewellery designs easily. Some of the silver variants can have a purity of 999 per thousand parts and is used for making silver bars and not jewellery. To evaluate the extent of silver used in the jewellery, you need to look for the mark on the same even if you want to buy the Silver Earrings online. This small step can have huge benefits in the long run.

Question 5 - Why do silver earrings turn black?

Answer - Tarnishing is a biochemical reaction that slowly darkens and dulls silver earrings. Exposure to sulfur in the atmosphere and liquid forms a coating of tarnish on the surface of the metal, producing damage to lustre and shine. Silver oxidizes on a more accelerated pace in the areas with a lot of daylight and high moisture content. Further, contact with goods like cosmetics, spray, fragrance, deodorant, lotion, bleach, etc., can advance up the oxidizing process of the jewellery Besides that, the oils that your outer skin gives out can react to your 92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings. The degree to which the silver responds with these items from your skin is very much dependent on the sort of food you consume, liquor intake, and whether you are using medications. These things change the acidity of your surface, which can create a negative response. Also, perspiration increases the acidity and could blacken the silver.

Question 6 - How to get my Christmas tree decoration right?

Answer - Christmas tree is an important element of the Christmas celebrations. In 2004, Pope John Paul termed the same as the symbol of Christ as the same exalts the true spirit of Christmas making it the tree of Life. Undoubtedly, opting for the Christmas tree decoration ideas is a perfect way to celebrate the festival season. It is the right time to switch to the modern Decoration ideas that can help to refresh you for a perfect holiday season. Use the below mentioned chic ideas to get the best results for your home - • Skip the traditional elements and opt to decorate the home using cookies, ribbons, candies, candle, etc. • You can use your creative style to use gumdrops and similar delicious treats as the perfect Decoration idea. • Use metallic baubles or multihued pom poms to get the best results • Skip the tree full of ornaments and go for the simple white tree with minimal decor instead. This works well if you have paucity of time • Use berries and a few sprigs to get the best results. This brings an earthy and warm freshness to your living room • Using paper candles is an insanely chic idea that is perfect especially if you are looking for a long-term project to work on.

Question 7 - What are the common mistakes to avoid while decorating the Christmas tree?

Answer - Using the Christmas tree is a favorite tradition that lights up your home for the perfect festive cheer. You can go for cohesive colour themes that run through the house to the beautiful, customized DIY ideas to deck the halls. • Mistake no 1 - Opting for too much bling You may have heard that there is no such thing as too much bling. However, the same is not true. To achieve the best results, you need to avoid using too much bling, glitter, etc. Similarly, using too much tinsel in multiple hues is a big mistake. The same can make your tree appear over draped and too much bling. Wherever possible, avoid using these glittery decorations for the best results. • Mistake No 2 - Not choosing a colour theme Another unwanted mistake that people commit is using a tree decorated with multiple hues and then placed in an uncoordinated room decor. To avoid your home looking like a rainbow, go for sophisticated choices of colors like white, green, rose gold, etc. and stick to the same. • Mistake No 3 - Choosing the wrong lights for Christmas tree It is best to opt for the light and set of lights that complements your tree. Wherever possible, use white light for a white tree or warm shade for green trees. • Mistake No 4 - Using too much plastic There is nothing as having the plastic Christmas decor. Period. So, completely avoid these plastic ornaments and go for decorations made of glass, fabric or even timber to get the best results. Even if it becomes vital to choose the plastic decoration, opt for something with an expensive looking finish to get the best results. • Mistake No 5 - Using too less or too many baubles We all know that nothing can beat a beautiful and beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Hence, it is best to ensure that you have enough baubles on both the inner and outer branches. The same is vital to ensure that the same looks layered and classy. To buy the right baubles for your Christmas tree, go for the indianshelf store and gain the best results.

Question 8 - How can I tastefully decorate my home for Christmas?

Answer - You can opt to decorate your mantle using green leaves, twigs, ribbons and ornaments. Also, you can create wreaths used from locally sourced flowers and match the same to the wall art.

Question 9 - How to decorate my Christmas Tree cheaply?

Answer - You can use a variety of ideas to decorate your Christmas tree cheaply and effectively - • Bring in Christmas tree twigs and pinecones around the tea lights or candles • Use Christmas tree made from plastic • Use mason jars, fairy lights, empty wine or glass bottles for the best results • Up cycle your items using DIY craft projects • Use wooden boxes, pinecones, branches, etc.

Question 10 - What is the most popular Christmas decoration ideas?

Answer - Using the below mentioned Christmas decoration ideas, you can create the perfect look. These include the following - • Candles • Garlands • Roping • Swags • Ribbons • Baubles, ornaments • Wreaths • Poinsettia

Question 11 - What colors are trending for this year's Christmas event?

Answer - Using green, red, gold, etc. adds a traditional touch to the home decor for the festival season. However, you can also opt for bold shades like midnight blue, aquamarine, rose gold, cerulean, etc. as the primary theme for the festival season.

Question 12 - How to use a hard-boiled egg for decoration?

Answer - You can easily use any of the above-mentioned ideas and buy accessories from XXX online store. Also, • Plan ahead • Use a theme • Submerge in a dye to colour or vinegar to clear it • Use food colours if you wish to eat the eggs

Question 13 - How do you decorate the Easter eggs?

Answer - Here are a few tips for your benefit • Place eggs in room temperature • Boil and then bring to low boil for 12 minutes • Remove from stove and let cool • Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Question 14 - What are a few recommendations to buy planters or flowerpots for outdoor gardening?

Answer - If you are making plans for outdoor gardening, you may pick a planter or pot that allows you to wipe the pots with the usage of a moist fabric to restore them to their original glory. Here are a few alternatives of planter pots that you may pick from: • For indoor planters, you may move for Lucky bamboos and pick metallic planter or pots of suitable length that are appropriate for the plant and space • Terracotta's, homemade planter pots are perfect for all homes. You can opt for recycling the products to create the best results for your needs • For grills and balconies, you may purchase the balcony railing planters which are available in several shapes and colours. Lightweight and colourful metallic hangings are ideal for climbers and flowering plants.

Question 15 - How can I pick the proper planter or flowerpot?

Answer - You can pick an appealing mixture of pots in various length, shades and textures. As these planter pots may be used for indoor or outdoor gardening, you need to make certain that the pot suits to your available space. For a spacious balcony having grills, you could pick stylish railing planters - therefore creating a colorful blend of flora along with an incredible view. Matching these planters and pots with the actual type of the plant and its growth requirements is especially important.

Question 16 - How can I hang my flowerpot at home using DIY craft?

Answer - You need to prepare your pots before moving them for hanging. Before using these terracotta pots, soak these up overnight in a sink or a bathtub. If you are in a rush to prepare pots using nail paints, then you can soak these pots up for a few hours and then go for drying these up using a hairdryer. You need to opt for the use of lightweight plastic pots and smaller size terracotta or clay pots. The reason for going for the clay variant is that the same is extremely porous and helps to boost the plant grows naturally and you can easily buy these products at the online store at an affordable price.

Question 17 - How do you decorate a clay planter or pot on a budget?

Answer - You can opt for numerous ideas to decorate your terracotta or clay planters or similar variants. These pots are often fired up at kilns during the production process and work well for many plants and DIY solutions. Decorating the terracotta pots on a budget is extremely easy and you can go with - acrylic, fabric and spray paints along with stencils for the best results. Use the lighter colours or rainbow themes to create an awesome accent wall decor piece.

Question 18 - What are the essential items for use in this festival season?

Answer - For the best results for your home and to ring in positive vibes, use the following ideas - • Decorate the pooja thali with the pooja essentials • Use large Kalash and place coconut and mango leaves • Use small Kalash with spout for the pooja water • Use rice, Haldi, sindoor and supari and place these in small bowls. • Bells for the best results • Special bowls for storing prasad and garlands • Bring marigold to highlight the room • Use special lights to create an impressive decor idea • Lamp diyas and agarbatti Stand • Clean and decorative accents to highlight the idols and their asana

Question 19 - What are the best Navratri Decoration ideas?

Answer - Here are some of the additional ways in which you can decorate your home this festival season - • Use an authentic Gujarati pot that is decorated using sharp Colors and mirror work • Use Garba music around the house and bring Gujarati umbrellas. You can buy these beauties from the online store. • Use red and yellow shades to highlight your pooja room • Use big crystals, gems and pearls to give a sparkling shine to the home decor needs • For best results, use a brass pooja thali along with zari or gota highlights • Drape your sarees for that colourful yet eye-catching display • Bring fresh flowers or marigold garlands to decorate your home for the festival.

Question 20 - What should we do with the Kalash Water after the Navratri festival?

Answer - Keep the Kalash filled with water near the deity and then add mango leaves inside along with a coconut for the best results. The same should be wrapped using red cloth and sacred thread. Once the festival is over, sprinkle the water in all rooms of the house and feed rice to the birds. Use coconut as a sweet dish for your family.

Question 21 - What should we do on Navratri festival?

Answer - Navratri means nine nights preceding the Dussehra festival. Therefore, each night has its own unique celebration to welcome in the nine forms of Goddess Durga into the home. Therefore, to make the most of your Navratri, use the following tips - • If you are observing fast - wake up early and then take a bath and then use fresh clean clothes before starting with the prayers • You need to perform puja in the morning and evening. Therefore, decorate your mandir to the best. Call in your friends and family to enjoy the day. If you have placed Sanjhi Mata on your walls, then worship her each day till Dussehra • Avoid wearing black colour during the festival and similarly avoid cutting hairs, nails, etc. during the festival • Eat organic preparation made from Sabudana or order in a special Navratri thali.

Question 22 - How do you light up your home and office for the best results?

Answer - There are various ways in which you can opt for fancy or unconventional lights to get the best results for your home - • Go for sweet-smelling candles - Scented candles can be perfect for your home and office decor especially if you are going for festival decor ideas on a budget. You can use a couple of bricklayers jostles in various sizes, wraps and use strings, strips, yarns, etc. Once done, you can place the candles inside the same and you can even opt to paint these up. • Paint the candles in festive cheer - You can use acrylic paint, pearls, crystals, etc. to decorate your home. These look beautiful on a mason jar Decoration theme and light up the whole surface in pretty colours. • Paper sack illumination - This is another great way to decorate your home using stylish paper sacks. Use punch-out designs on both the sides and then place the flame in the form of tealights inside • Opt to colour the tea lights - Tealights or candles are special ideas for festival decor. These can look extensively boring, especially in their original form. So, use washi tape that coordinates well with these. Pick different shades and styles to get the best results for your home on a budget. Buy all this stuff from online store today!

Question 23 - How do you light up your balcony for the best results?

Answer - You can use a variety of ways and strategies to light up your balcony space for your needs - • Bamboo screen - Drape a Bamboo screen on the balcony for added privacy and then place some beautiful and decorative lanterns or plants to spruce up your home decor needs on a budget • Mix it all up! You can opt to mix all the above up in the best way possible. You can go for fairy lights, artifacts, comfortable furniture along with ethnic ensembles to get the perfect look for your home needs. • Chandeliers - These act as cynosure and add a unique appeal to your home and decor needs. These are simple and easy Decoration ideas using lights as the central theme. You can easily use them for festive season and get the best results for your buck • Use starry lights - Use starry lights or chain lights to bring an appeal to your balcony and make it more appealing. You can simply let them hang by the window adjoining the balcony area while dim lights may shimmer and light up your home.

Question 24 - Are all the copper utensils listed on Indianshelf fit for consumption of water and cooking?

Answer - No, not all the copper utensils listed on Indianshelf are fit for water consumption and cooking. Some of them are more for decorative purpose. You can inquire with Indianshelf before your purchase if you want to use it for any specific purpose.

Question 25 - What causes copper toxicity?

Answer - The toxicity of copper causes many problems such as weakness in tissues and muscles. It causes anaemia, low blood pressure etc.

Question 26 - Can copper cause cancer?

Answer - No, copper helps you to reduce cancer-causing bacteria. It is helpful to reduce all the bacteria which produce cancer and reduce the risk of cancer.

Question 27 - Is it safe to bathe in copper water?

Answer - Yes, it is completely safe if you drink water, wash your hand and take a bath in copper water. It does not cause any issue to your health however, it is beneficial for your health to take a bath in copper water.

Question 28 - What happens when you have too much copper in your body?

Answer - If you take an excessive amount of copper in your body then it may cause many issues such as it may cause you to lower blood pressure, kidney failure, fever and vomiting, severe stomach ache and diarrhoea.

Question 29 - Is it safe to drink water from copper vessel every time?

Answer - No, not every time but it is recommended to drink water twice or thrice in a day that is stored in the copper vessel.

Question 30 - Can we keep a copper bottle in the fridge?

Answer - Yes, you can store copper water bottle in the fridge and this will make the Tamra jal more helpful for your health.