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Buy Ceramic Bulb Shaped Knobs at Wholesale Prices

Even the most minor details may make a significant impact in a room. To add or not to add, this decision might change the entire point of view with just one look. Knobs are one example of this addition.

Missing, damaged, or mismatched knobs may throw off a space's entire décor and layout, even if it's only a drawer, dresser, cabinet, or door. Knobs demand as much care as any other component of your décor since they provide the final touches.

The phrase "bulb shape" relates to the knob's rounded, somewhat spherical look, resembling a lightbulb's shape. This design is famous for knobs and handles since it is ergonomic and simple to hold.

Each of these ceramic bulb shape knobs comes in a variety of artsy designs and patterns. In addition to colorful florals, there is a wide range of other beautiful patterns, such as checkerboards and Arabesque designs. The additional white dot work you see will add drama and expression in any kitchen or living room. Choose from various colors, including chalkboard black, navy blue, peanut brown, creamy white, mustard yellow, lemon green, and many more. Each knob includes mounting bolts polished in metal.

Types of Ceramic Bulb-Shaped Knobs You Can Buy In Bulk

If you plan to buy ceramic bulb-shaped knobs in bulk, then indianshelf is the perfect place since it has the most extensive collection of ceramic bulb knobs in different designs and patterns. Here's a detail of the kind of designs they offer in bulk:

  • Solid hue Ceramic Knobs are simple and attractive knobs with a single, solid hue. They may be used with various furniture designs and come in several colors to fit your décor.
  • Hand-Painted Ceramic Knobs have detailed and one-of-a-kind patterns. Indianshelf has many hand-painted alternatives, including floral, geometric, or abstract designs. These knobs provide an artistic touch to your furniture.
  • Textured ceramic knobs contain touch features such as raised patterns or embossed accents. They not only look excellent, but they also feel good to the touch.
  • Crackled Ceramic Knobs are cracked or weathered, giving them a vintage or rustic impression. They look well with shabby chic or farmhouse-style furniture.
  • Indianshelf regularly sells knobs with animal and nature themes. These are fantastic for adding a touch of natural vibe to your furnishings. Some manufacturers, such as indianshelf, allow you to customize your ceramic knobs. You may modify the base color and design and request particular patterns or pictures.
  • Floral-painted ceramic bulb-shaped knobs are attractive and decorative hardware items used on cabinets, drawers, dressers, and furniture. Indianshelf also has unique and rare knobs that children will love, such as cartoon characters, animals, or fun shapes. If you're decorating a child's room or a nursery, then buying these knobs will be the best choice.
  • Vintage and antique ceramic knobs have complex, evocative motifs that harken back to a vintage vibe. They are ideal for restoring or upgrading antique furniture.

Customization of Products for Wholesale Buyers

For wholesale buyers, Indianshelf may provide customization options such as custom designs, colors, or Ceramic Bulb Shape Knobs sizes. Contact their customer service or sales team directly to learn more about these possibilities. They can tell you the customization procedure, minimum order numbers, and prices.

Delivery Time

Wholesale order delivery deadlines might vary depending on many factors, including shipping method and location. Shipping via air is usually faster but more costly. Depending on the availability of flights and customs clearance, the item might take a few days to a couple of weeks.

By Sea: Shipping by sea is less expensive but takes longer. Due to lengthy transit durations and port customs processing, sea freight delivery might take several weeks to many months.

For exact timings of delivery and freight prices, please contact the Indianshelf team or a particular shipping partner.

Payment Options for Wholesale Buyers

For bulk purchases, Indianshelf may provide a variety of payment options. Common solutions include:

  • Bank Transfers: Bank transfers are a safe and generally accepted payment method for significant transactions.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: Some wholesalers accept credit or debit card payments, but you should inquire about the expenses that might apply.
  • Payment Gateways: For convenience, online payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe may be accessible.
  • Letter of Credit (LC): A letter of credit (LC) is a standard process for international transactions that provides security for both parties.
  • It is essential to contact Indianshelf's sales or customer support staff to find the payment methods they accept and to negotiate the best choice for your needs.

Simple Replacement

Indianshelf has a return and replacement policy for broken or faulty products. Contact our customer service staff to discover more about their exclusive policies, such as the return process, warranty, and replacement processes.

On-Demand Digital Content

You may usually request digital information relevant to Ceramic Bulb Shape Knobs from Indianshelf, such as product photos, catalogs, or marketing materials. We provide high-resolution photographs, product descriptions, and other information to help you with your marketing efforts. Contact our team to discuss your particular content needs.

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