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Buy Door Knobs in Bulk

Indianshelf is a famous door knob manufacturer and distributor committed to improving the beauty and functionality of your living spaces. We have a wide range of styles and designs of different types of door knobs which makes us the ideal supplier for renovating vintage furnishings and improving decor. We are proud to be an Indian exporter, shipping our products worldwide by sea and air, with various delivery choices to match your demands.

We provide bulk discounts, handcrafted knobs by trained artisans, product customization, easy replacements, digital content, and exceptional customer service as the finest dropshipping suppliers. Explore our broad collection and let us change your living spaces with Indian artisan expertise.

Types of Door Knob

Door knobs play an essential part in the aesthetics and functioning of doors. They are available in various styles and materials to suit different purposes and interior design. We have a wide selection of door knobs at Indianshelf, including:

  • Ceramic Knobs: Ceramic knobs, our specialty, add grace and functionality to your doors. These hand-painted beauties adorn your furniture and doors with beauty and charm. They are versatile and look well in both classic and contemporary settings.
  • Glass knobs have a timeless beauty that adds to the visual appeal of cabinets and doors. Because of their transparency and reflectivity, they are excellent for a wide range of interior designs.
  • Metal Knobs: Made of materials such as brass, copper, and stainless steel, metal knobs provide durability and a sleek, industrial appearance. They are perfect for contemporary and minimalist settings.
  • Wooden Knobs: Wooden knobs give your doors and furnishings a warm and rustic appeal. They are ideal for both classic and modern settings.

Our door knobs in bulk are versatile adornments that can help restore old furniture and create a modern design. They also fit well with modern furnishings, offering a unique, artistic touch that increases the overall design of your area.

Wholesale Options

We provide our products at wholesale pricing at Indianshelf, making it easy for businesses and individuals to obtain high-quality door knobs at affordable costs. Whether you're an interior designer, a furniture merchant, or want to buy doorknobs in bulk, we provide high-quality doorknobs at wholesale prices.

Excellence in Exporting

We are proud to be an Indian exporter, presenting the beauty of Indian artistry to the rest of the globe. We provide two shipping methods:

Sea Shipments: Ideal for bulk orders, sea shipments take about 45 days to arrive. This low-cost strategy assures that your items arrive in perfect shape.

Air Shipments: Air shipments take only 10-15 days to arrive. This option is ideal for last-minute orders or when you cannot wait to update your living areas.

Finest Dropshipping Suppliers

As one of the finest dropshipping suppliers, we provide excellent bulk discounts, allowing you to maximize your profits while providing high-quality items to your clients. Our simple dropshipping method promises quick and easy fulfillment of orders.

Handcrafted Products

Our door knobs are lovingly handmade and hand-painted by talented Indian craftsmen. These knobs are unique and durable, made by expert artisans using traditional methods.

Payment Options

We provide payment flexibility, which makes buying in bulk more convenient. As a result, we provide a variety of payment alternatives, including bank-to-bank transfers and PayPal, to make your shopping experience simple and safe.

Product Customization

We offer the choice for product customization of door knobs to satisfy your distinct design choices. We can customize door knobs by changing the color, pattern, size, or material according to your design requirements. Our talented artisans can turn your ideas into beautifully created, one-of-a-kind products. Our customization choices enable you to make a statement.

Simple Replacement Method for Our Customers

If you have any problems with your purchase, our simple replacement policy promises a quick resolution.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team can answer your questions and make your purchasing experience easy.

Bulk Pricing and a Wide Selection

Take advantage of our low bulk pricing on our large selection of door knobs. Whether you need a single or multiple pieces, we customize our price options to suit your requirements.

Contact Us

Please contact us for any of your door knob requirements and queries. We are always available to provide you with the finest products and services. You can send us an email at or give us a call at 09999072207. We're here to help!

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