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Ceiling Lights are one such form of vintage art which is nowadays is not used for the real purpose, instead of as a home décor. But purchasing a ceiling light can really transform the design of your entire room.

The most important part to remember is that the ceiling lights must be in accordance with the size and colour of the room. Otherwise, any sort of mismatch can cause a huge negative transformation to your house.

Most of the houses with big rooms have adopted beautifully styled hanging lights and lamps that adore the look of the entire house. Generally, ceiling lamps found nowadays are mounted to the ceiling which can be perfect for any size of the rooms, be it medium, small or large. You just need to pick perfect colour and match of the lamp in accordance with your room and you are good to go!

You will be surprised to know the huge varieties of ceiling lamps we can now find flooding in the market. Ranging from hanging light to lamps, come and read a few of the amazing types of ceiling lamps:

  • Metallic ceiling lights- Metallic ceiling lights might sound a little boring and dull in a choice of colours but trust me guys they give a perfect class look to your room. They add a pinch of vintage style with higher quality in comparison to other ceiling lamps. You can be assured of the quality as the metal used in making these lamps is same as the one used for making railways tracks. They will look perfect in our kitchens as they add a modern look with a different style.
  • Glass lights- They are one of the common varieties of hanging lights found in many homes. The best part about this kind of lights is that they blend perfectly with the home décor so you need to have to worry to choose amongst the colours and shapes of the glass lamps.
  • Chandeliers- A chandelier is precisely the only element in your entire home which becomes the central point of focus at the very first sight. They are perfect when used in dining rooms but the chandelier with just two branches will be enough for other rooms.

These were just a few of them which we have discussed, but once you visit the site,; your eyes will be wide open seeing the huge variety they offer! From shell lamps, small lamps, chandeliers; the choice is huge! Each and every angle of the lamps have been carefully craved and embossed with glass and small highlights. The colour of the glass is perfect to fit any size and light of your room and one such variety which I personally find the best is the “Diamond Flower Lamp”, the price of the item is worth the quality.

Ceiling lights have existed for centuries, changing alongside lighting technology and design advances. Here are a few ceiling lamps that have evolved over the years. During the Middle Ages, home lighting was essential and primarily relied on torches, candles, and fires. More influential homes featured hanging chandeliers and large candle holders suspended from the ceiling by chains. These handcrafted chandeliers were commonly made from wood, metal, wrought iron, and later glass.

Chandeliers are ornate ceiling lights with multiple arms and branches that contain various sources. They are frequently utilized in formal places such as dining rooms or foyers, providing elegance. Ceiling lamps are now available in many forms, from traditional to contemporary designs, and remain crucial in illuminating spaces giving an aesthetic appeal to homes.

These fixtures, crafted from metal or glass, boast a fascinating legacy and have been a popular choice in interior design to signify luxury and refinement. Chandeliers got increasingly ornate and refined. In the 17th century, the use of glass and crystal components in chandelier design became widespread. These materials reflected and refracted the light, resulting in stunning visual displays. Chandeliers have progressed from strictly practical lighting fixtures to exquisite pieces of art.

Crystal chandeliers were frequently linked with luxury and splendor as they were commonly seen in castles and mansions.

Indianshelf have the collection of Chandeliers available in various styles and sizes. Some examples of frequent kinds are:

  • Tiered Chandeliers: These chandeliers have numerous tiers or levels of arms and lights that cascade down to create a cascading effect.
  • Candle-style chandeliers resemble classic chandeliers and feature lights shaped like candles. These lights usually come with decorative sleeves or coverings.
  • Crystal Chandeliers: For a dazzling and glamorous impact, these chandeliers prominently incorporate crystal components such as beads, drops, and prisms.
  • Contemporary lighting fixtures have evolved to feature modern chandeliers with sleek shapes, elegant designs, and innovative materials such as metal, glass, acrylic, and LED strips. These choices have created a unique style for these fixtures.
  • Rare and unique Chandeliers often serve as the focal point in spacious areas like your interiors, entryways, ballrooms, and dining rooms. Nevertheless, the handcrafted lamps can also serve as an elegant lighting centerpiece in bedrooms, living rooms, or any space that requires one.

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