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Glass bottles are a widely used packaging which is trusted by many manufacturers and customers in terms of health, taste and environment. This is because unlike plastic containers, glass bottles are 100% recyclable and are safe in terms of freshness and quality and purity.

The glass is nonporous and water resistant and hence storing food and beverages in glass bottles is no such harm as it has no proven scientific fact of affecting the food quality and freshness. They have more benefits than negatives.

On indianshelf, we have a huge variety of online glass bottles which are available at a wide range of prices, ranging from hundred rupees to thousands. These online glass bottles have types that are embellished with vintage and modern styles! The vintage ones are worth watching and eye-catching. They are actually a must piece to be kept in your homes and create a vivid impact on your visitors!  

I seriously cannot stop myself from describing each of the designs!

The ink pots- they are the most attractive variety I have found in the entire range of the glass bottles. They are small in size and are rarely found in homes or offices. But these days, since the trend is for the rare ones and they give a perfect start to it. The starting price of these ink bottles is 1000. And the most interesting part is their cute little chubby caps! Yes, actually cute! They are crafted in beautiful vintage styles and you must not leave them buying these glass bottles online at affordable prices. They are found in different colour and sizes and the colours are unique that you must have never ever imagined! Rectangular shaped disk-shaped, round-shaped, thick glass and so on and so forth.

Glass bottles- well these transparent bottles will give an exact feeling of ancient kings and queens in big palaces holding lavish and exotic wines. Unlike the commonly shaped bottles, this online variety of glass bottles go with a narrow neck initially to the broader body at the bottom. And these narrow and broader shapes have unique designs that you will be mesmerized to watch them. Even the bottle glass is also encrypted with different designs. They are available at slightly lower prices in comparison to ink bottles. They have different designs of gobble, vertical and horizontal designs with a cute crystal bottle cap. This glass bottle cap gives a rich and lavish feel, once you will keep them in your homes.

These bottles are not for the use of specific purpose. You can either use them in keeping as a showpiece or also for kitchen purposes such as storing oil or any liquid ailment. But yes, do not forget to keep these bottles away from small children.

So, guys, I know you can't wait to watch these intricate designs and buy them before the stock goes out.!!