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The Thooku Vilakku, also known as the hanging light or Thooku Deepam, is a traditional oil lamp with a distinctive shape that is popular in South India, notably in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The lamp is notable for its hanging aspect and use in various religious and cultural activities around the region.

Ancient times trace back to the origins of Thooku and Vilakku when oil lamps were an illumination source in households and temples. Oil lamp design and use changed through the ages to integrate cultural, aesthetic, and religious components.

For decades in South India, people have been using the lamp, especially the Thooku Vilakku, in religious and spiritual settings. The lamp plays a significant role in Hindu rituals and ceremonies, especially in temples and during festivals. The region's rich cultural and religious past has impacted the lamp's shape and meaning.


The Thooku Vilakku is made of usually brass or copper and has a hanging framework with elaborate carvings and designs. A central oil container, known as Kuthu Vilakku, holds the oil for lighting the lamp, and people insert cotton wicks into it. Igniting the Thooku Vilakku implies eradicating darkness and ignorance with the light of wisdom and spirituality. The hanging pattern represents the link between the divine and earthy realms. It gives blessings, wealth, and spiritual energy to the environment.

Application and Importance

Various religious events, puja rites, and celebrations extensively use the Thooku Vilakku in bulk. It frequently hangs in homes, temples, and other holy places to invoke blessings and create a spiritually charged atmosphere. People use the lamp to honor deities, ancestors, and renowned persons.

Devotees light the Thooku Vilakku as an offering and a symbol of devotion on auspicious events and festivals. The lamp's light brings the environment serenity, wealth, and good fortune.

Various Thooku Vilakku Oil Lamps

Thooku Vilakku, also known as the hanging lamp or Thooku Deepam, is available in various styles with distinct qualities and aesthetic aspects. These styles differ according to area, tradition, craft, and personal tastes. The following are descriptions of several Thooku Vilakku oil lamp designs:

  1. This design has a typical conical-shaped center oil container (Kuthu Vilakku) constructed of brass or copper. The lamp has elaborate engravings of traditional themes, floral designs, and religious symbols. The lamp's cone form is aesthetically beautiful and helps lamp oil to flow efficiently to the wick.

  2. Bell-shaped design: The main oil container takes on the shape of a bell. The lamp's base is broad and gradually tapers upward, mimicking the outline of a bell with creative engravings and designs.

  3. Lotus Petal Design: The lamp looks like a blossoming lotus flower, with the petals serving as the lamp oil bottle. The lotus flower is a revered emblem in Hinduism, representing purity and enlightenment. The design of the light emphasizes the purity associated with the lotus.

  4. Design with a Peacock Motif: This design features a peacock motif, symbolizing beauty and elegance in Indian culture. The center oil bottle is like a peacock, and the remaining part of the lamp looks like the peacock's body and feathers.

  5. The lamp's design has a spiral or helix structure, giving it a futuristic and dynamic appearance. The spiral curve provides a modern touch while keeping the Thooku Vilakku's classic appearance.

  6. Thooku Vilakku designs include miniature figurines or idols of Hindu deities like Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, or Lord Krishna on the lamp's surface. These figures are positioned tastefully around the lamp, adding to its religious and aesthetic appeal.

  7. Multi-Tier Design: The Thooku Vilakku has numerous tiers or levels in this design, with each tier carrying a light or a cluster of lamps. The tiers are linked, providing a mesmerizing show of light and accentuating the ornamental component of the lamp.


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