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Door stoppers are simple devices used to stop the movement of doors or cabinet doors. In our current age of large mansions, scarcely any space has not been changed into a decor. So why leave the door stoppers at home?

You need to consider the value of purchasing the door stopper in bulk. Door or stoppers are crucial to all cabinet doors since they protect the trim board and surrounding cabinets from harm. Rubber stoppers are employed at the height of the entrance, but they only fulfill part of the purpose and are unsightly.

On the other hand, a floor door stop is more frequently used and may be tweaked and customized to suit our interests and preferences. We at indianshelf offer you an appealing variety of wonderfully carved door stoppers. The door stopper pricing is affordable, even below your expectations!

Stunning Handmade Door Stoppers

We provide online services for these stoppers with ornate doorknob patterns installed at one end. We have produced stunning handmade ceramic and metal knobs in various colors and styles. These knobs offer a sophisticated touch to otherwise dull door stoppers. Green and black etched ceramic wooden door stoppers, pea green stripped ceramic, white marble ceramic, mustard dotted ceramic flower door stoppers, and the list goes on!! You'll be astounded to find such a diverse range of door stoppers from India on the internet.

Door Stoppers of Various Types

1. Fancy Door Stoppers

Traditional door stoppers complement and blend in with conventional décor designs. These door stoppers have classic designs that harken back to the elegance of the past. They fit perfectly with traditional interior ideas since they are handcrafted to traditions. Standard door stoppers provide a practical purpose while also contributing to the overall antique appearance of a room, bringing a touch of conventional elegance to your living areas.

2. Contemporary Door Stoppers

Modern door stoppers exemplify current design and imagination. These door stoppers are perfect for sleek, minimalist designs that value simplicity and utility. They combine creative elements that align with the contemporary lifestyle, such as efficient door control while remaining clean and clean. Stylish door stoppers are ideal for individuals who value modern style and convenience.

3. Decorative Door Stoppers

Decorative door stops fulfill two functions by combining utility and attractiveness. These door stoppers save doors from slamming shut and serve as ornamental components, adding charm and individuality to your home. They are available in various styles and themes, allowing you to select door stoppers that complement your décor concept. Decorative door stops are a great way to add character and elegance to your living areas while providing a useful purpose.

4. Floor-Mounted Door Stops

Floor-Mounted Door Stops are solid and durable solutions that can sustain extensive use. These door stoppers are fixed to the floor, preventing doors and walls from damaging as they swing open. They provide dependable door control for high-traffic areas with regularly opened and closed doors. Floor-mounted door stops are a practical alternative for commercial and residential settings where durability is essential.

5. Wall-Mounted Door Stops

Wall-Mounted Door Stops are a discreet and space-saving door control option. These wall-mounted door stoppers keep doors open without needing a floor-mounted alternative. They can be accommodated in small locations where floor-mounted alternatives may restrict movement. Wall-mounted door stops fit in with their environment, giving a functional yet stylish solution.

Door Stopper Characteristics

Numerous Styles

Our door stoppers come in various styles to suit your décor needs. You may pick door stoppers that mix with your home style, from classic to modern, applicable to beautiful. Whether you want a traditional, timeless style or a sleek, current setting, our assortment will help you locate the door stopper to match your décor.


Durability is a priority in the design and construction of our door stoppers. These critical components are built to last to survive daily use and the wear and tear of many door movements. You can be confident that our door stoppers will successfully safeguard and maintain the operation of your doors throughout time, giving you dependable door control.


Our door stoppers are meant to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your rooms in addition to practical purposes. We understand the value of aesthetics in interior design, and our door stoppers reflect that insight. Find door stoppers that not only keep doors from slamming shut but also add to the overall ambiance of your room. These door stoppers are ornamental components that enhance the charm and elegance of your living rooms, guaranteeing a consistent and appealing décor plan.

Purchasing the Best Wooden Door Stoppers


  • Type of Door: Determine the type of door for which you require the stopper. Different types of stoppers may be necessary for various entries. A floor-mounted or hinge-pin door stopper may be appropriate for a typical hinged door. Sliding doors, on the other hand, may benefit from a wall-mounted door stopper.
  • Placement: Consider where you intend to place the door stopper. A spring or hinge stopper may serve as an inside door. A more durable solution, such as a floor-mounted stopper, may be required outside doors or doors in high-traffic areas.
  • Material and Finish: Wooden door stoppers are available in a variety of materials and finishes. Choose a wood type and finish that suits the style of your home. Natural wood treatments and painted or stained finishes are available, allowing you to pick a door stopper that complements your home decor.

Types of Door Stoppers Available On Indianshelf

  • Ceramic Crackle Door Stopper: Indianshelf offers a variety of door stoppers. This rustic door stopper has a cracked glaze finish that adds antique character to your décor while keeping doors from swinging shut.
  • Ceramic Dotted Door Stopper: This ceramic door stopper is adorned with delicate dots, adding a subtle decorative accent to your home while keeping doors open.
  • Ceramic Flower Design Door Stopper: This ceramic door stopper features an elegant design that adds beauty to any area while protecting the door from harm.
  • Ceramic Flower Shape Door Stopper: These flower-shaped door stoppers mix utility and form, giving a delightful aesthetic element to your decor.
  • Ceramic Solid Color Door Stopper: This solid-colored ceramic door stopper adds color to any room, stopping doors from swinging shut.
  • Ceramic Striped Door Stopper: The striped patterning on this ceramic door stopper adds a modern touch while acting as a decorative accent and reducing door-related mishaps.
  • Theia Ceramic Door Stopper: The Theia door stopper combines durability and beauty with complex patterns and textures, making it an eye-catching décor element. It is handcrafted with care to guarantee dependable door control while complementing your home décor.

Why Buy Door Stoppers On Indianshelf

Indianshelf is a well-known Indian exporter focusing on the distribution of stunning Door stoppers that have been precisely made and hand-painted by highly experienced Indian craftsmen. These handmade door stoppers are examples of excellent craftsmanship and are intended to improve the aesthetics of any area.

  • To satisfy the different demands of our clients, we provide reasonable bulk prices and handle varying wholesale volumes as wholesalers.
  • Our effortless shipping choices include sea and air shipments, with sea shipments lasting about 45 days and air shipments taking about 10-15 days.
  • We are proud of our dependable replacement policy, which ensures client happiness.
  • In addition, we assist our distributors by supplying necessary digital content.
  • Payment is simple and flexible, with bank-to-bank transactions and PayPal permitted.

Ordering from us is simple, and we welcome queries or orders by email at or by phone at 09999072207.

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