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Buy Ceramic Solid Color Knobs in Bulk

Ceramic clay is the best of all the clay classes used in pottery. With their creamy touch and hefty texture, ceramic materials are famous for ornamental hardware and household accessories. Indianshelf gives you some fantastic door knobs carved, handmade by artisans in this collection of ceramic solid color knobs. These knobs are available in various designs and colors like neon, pastels, metallics, and other fun colors! Their metallic faceplates are available in contrasting colors, as are their curved fittings in gold and antique finishes. Some pulls are both convex and concave.

This collection contains some of the most distinctive designs on the market, including flower-shaped, pumpkin-shaped, umbrella-shaped, blossom-shaped, geometrical, bracket-cut, and egg. These knobs are pastel filled, gold trimmed, and have a velvety look; they are ideal for any décor arrangement. Check out our variety of ceramic scattered knobs if you want more designer knob pulls.

Types of Ceramic Knob Available in Bulk

Bulk Solid color ceramic knobs are available in various shapes, colors, and lengths to suit different styles, tastes, and functional requirements. Here are some ceramic knob examples organized by color, body, and size:


  • White Ceramic Knobs: White ceramic knobs are timeless and adaptable. They can coordinate with any decor style.
  • Black Ceramic Knobs: Add a touch of sophistication and contrast to your furniture.
  • Blue Ceramic Knobs: Blue ceramic knobs are available in various colors, from navy to sky blue.
  • Green Ceramic Knobs: Green ceramic knobs have a fresh and natural appearance. They come in mint, olive, and emerald hues.
  • Red Ceramic Knobs: Red ceramic knobs can bring a splash of color to your furniture.
  • Yellow Ceramic Knobs: Yellow ceramic knobs are cheerful and warm.
  • Pink Ceramic Knobs: Pink ceramic knobs can add a feminine and charming touch. They are available in blush or hot pink.


  • Round Ceramic Knobs: The most common and versatile type of ceramic knob is the round ceramic knob. They are available in various colors and lengths to complement multiple furniture styles.
  • Floral Ceramic Knobs: These knobs feature flower-shaped designs and come in various colors. They can bring a whimsical and natural element to your furniture.
  • Ceramic pumpkin knob: is a decorative and functional cabinet or drawer knob that features a charming pumpkin shape made of ceramic material and typically painted in a single, solid color, adding a whimsical touch to furniture and cabinetry.


  • Short Ceramic Knobs: Short ceramic knobs are typically 1 to 1.5 inches long and fixed on smaller drawers and cabinets for a compact and charming appearance.
  • Medium Ceramic Knobs: Medium-length knobs, ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches long, are versatile and can be used on various furniture pieces.
  • Big Ceramic Knobs: Long ceramic knobs, typically measuring more than 2.5 inches long, can be used on larger drawers and doors. They frequently have more intricate designs and can function as statement pieces.

Purchasing Ceramic Solid Colour Knobs from IndianShelf at a Discount

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IndianShelf provides customization services, allowing you to tailor the knobs to your requirements. You can choose the color, design, size, and even material (if available) to meet your specific needs.

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IndianShelf offers a variety of delivery options to meet your specific requirements. They provide sea and air shipping to ensure your ceramic knobs arrive on time.

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