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Buy Brass Door Handles in Bulk

When it comes to home design, every detail is essential. The door handle is an important but often ignored piece. A slight alteration in this small hardware can ultimately affect the look and feel of your living rooms. Among the numerous options, brass door handles are ideal for ageless charm. At indianshelf, we have a vast collection of door handles and knobs in lovely golden brass. We currently offer over 400 distinct brass door handles to pick from, so we guarantee that our product line has something for everyone.

Brass door handles are available for indoor and outdoor use, with handles available in polished brass, antique brass, matt brass, brushed brass, and various other finishes.

Why Should You Buy Brass Door Handles at Wholesale?

When you buy brass door handles in bulk, it has various advantages. Firstly you’ll save a lot of money because wholesale costs are lower than retail rates. Second, buying in bulk guarantees you enough handles for several projects. Thirdly wholesalers provide a wide range of designs and finishes allowing you to customise your product to an extensive range of client tastes.

Finally, it simplifies the buying process, saving both time and effort. Whether you're a supplier, interior designer, or homeowner considering a makeover, going with wholesale brass door knobs is a smart way to better price and access a wide range of high-quality materials.

Types of Brass Door Handles You Can Buy In Bulk

Animal Brass Door Handle: Add a whimsical touch to your door with exquisite detailing of animals such as lions, elephants, or dolphins.

Tribal Brass Door Handle with tribal motifs and patterns.

Graceful fish motifs are ideal for coastal-inspired decor.

Buddha Hand Brass Door Handle Infuse Zen-like peace creating a serene entry.

Brass Door Handle Female Figurines give an artistic touch to your doors.

Sitar-Shaped Brass Door Handle for music enthusiasts and artistic users.

Parrot Brass Door Handle adds a tropical flair to your decor’s Door Handle adds a tropical touch to your decor.

The Giraffe Brass entrance Handle adds some of the wilds to your entrance.

Dagger Brass Door Handle takes us back to history.

Hand Brass Door Handle makes a welcoming gesture.

Laughing Buddha Brass Door Handle brings positive energy into your area.

Traditional Brass Door Handles: Adorn your doors with beautiful patterns and detailed detailing that pays homage to classic craftsmanship and legacy.

How To Choose Brass Door Handles

Choosing the correct brass door handles involves a detailed consideration:

  • Consider the overall home design theme and choose brass handles that complement it.
  • Brass door Handles are available in various finishes such as polished brass, satin brass, antique brass, and others.
  • Choose robust handles for main entrances, while interior doors may require passage handles or privacy handles for bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Test the grip and functionality of the handle to verify it is comfortable and straightforward to use.
  • Solid brass handles are more durable and long-lasting, making them suited for external doors. Purchasing in bulk or through wholesale vendors can frequently result in cost savings.
  • Choose handles from respected brands known for their high-quality craftsmanship and impeccable customer service.
  • Check to see sure the handles include all the essential installation hardware.
  • Consider the handle's maintenance requirements. Some finishes may develop a patina over time, while others require occasional polishing.

Types of Door Handles You Can Buy In Bulk

There are many different types of Door Handles you can buy in bulk. Below is a list of some common door handles available at indianshelf.

Almirah Door Handle

We provide Almirah door handles in bulk. The primary use of an Almirah door handle is to provide an easy and convenient way to open and close wardrobe doors. It allows users to access their belongings stored inside the almirah, keeping them organized.

Brass Mortice Handles

Mortice handles made of brass not only provide a secure locking mechanism but also exhibit a luxurious and enduring appeal for doors.

Ceramic Bridge Door Handle

ceramic bridge handle at IndianShelf is available in bulk. It is a type of door handle or cabinet handle made of ceramic material. A "bridge handle" is a handle that covers the length of a door or drawer, giving it a bridge-like appearance. Due to this unique feature, it is used for interior decor projects, particularly in kitchens, bathrooms, or where cabinets or doors demand a functional and aesthetically beautiful handle option.

Ceramic Door Handles

Ceramic handles are door handles, cabinet handles, or drawer pulls mainly composed of ceramic attached to metal or wooden frames. The ceramic part of the piece can be artistically created with hand-painted patterns, embossed textures, or smooth glazed finishes, adding a visual appeal to the furniture or doors it covers. Additionally, these handles are available at bulk pricing.

Cupboard Door Handle

cupboard door handle is attached to cupboards, cabinets, or wardrobes. These handles allow you to conveniently and quickly open and close the doors of these storage units. Here are a few types of Cupboard door handle.

With our wholesale door handle offerings, you can buy an extensive range of designs, finishes, and metal, wood, glass, and ceramic materials. It is simple to hold and turn to open the cupboard door.

Bar Door Handles

Long, straight handles that extend horizontally or vertically across the door are known as bar handles. They are made in stainless steel or brass and are prevalent in modern and contemporary interior designs available in bulk.

Ring Door Handles

Handles in the shape of rings that add a unique and attractive touch to the cabinet door. They're common in shabby chic or old or vintage-style furniture and are also available in bulk.

Glass bridge Door Handles

Wholesale Glass bridge handles are used with glass cabinets, cupboards, or cabinets for display. It usually appears as a bridge-like structure covering the length of the glass door or drawer face. Buy glass bridge handles designed to match glass furniture by highlighting the translucent quality of glass while giving a stylish and practical option at a discount price from indianshelf. A glass handle is used to open doors, cabinets, or drawers.

Kitchen Door handles

Bulk Kitchen door handles are used to open and close kitchen cabinets and drawers. They are necessary for your culinary tools, saucepans, frying pans, and other kitchen appliances. Kitchen door knobs not only make opening cabinets easier, but they also provide a decorative touch to the overall look of your kitchen.

Metal Door Handle

Bulk Metal Handles made of stainless steel, brass, or aluminium. They are used to open doors, cabinets, and drawers. Metal handles are long-lasting, easy to clean, and can complement various interior designs.

Stone Door Handles

Bulk Stone handles at bulk prices are door, cabinet, or furniture handles made primarily of stone. Stone knobs add a decorative touch to any interior design, adding a unique and natural feature that enhances the overall beauty of the furniture or doors they decorate.

Wooden Door Handle

Bulk Wooden handles are made from different kinds of wood. They provide a warm and natural feel to furniture and doors and are available in various wood finishes, stains, and forms. Wooden handles suit a variety of interior styles, from rustic to modern.

Resin Handles

Bulk Resin handles are a synthetic substance that seems glossy and transparent. They can have the appearance of glass or crystal handles while being less expensive and less delicate.

Follow the following steps to purchase brass door handles at a discount from Indianshelf:

  1. Explore the Indianshelf website for a large selection of brass door handles.
  2. Examine current sales and discounts on brass door handles. Indianshelf frequently provides special deals, especially during holiday seasons or clearance sales.
  3. Sign up for their newsletter to receive updates on new arrivals, unique deals, and discount possibilities on brass door handles.
  4. Indianshelf may provide discounts for bulk purchases.
  5. Follow IndianShelf on social media channels like Instagram or Facebook to stay updated.

Delivery Time

The time required to deliver brass door handles in the international market depends on the shipping method used, the location of the supplier, and other logistical issues. The following is a general timeline for the supply of brass door handles:

By Sea: Shipping by sea is usually the most economical option for large or bulk orders of brass door handles. But it is slower compared to air supply. Depending on the shipment's origin and the target port in the world, delivery timeframes by sea can range from a few weeks to a few months.

Air shipping is the most rapid method to send brass door handles, making it suitable for fast or small orders. Air delivery dates can range from a few days to a week, depending on the supplier's location and flight availability.


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