Vintage Brass Hand Hammered Storage Box

Vintage Brass Hand Hammered Storage Box

Handmade Round Shaped Brass Storage box that looks like a chapati box but in the olden days the women used to keep the jewelry and other expensive stuff in this box. It has a lovely round shape with hand engraved design on the lid of the box. This is an ideal gift for family and friends who are fond of collecting vintage stuff.

  • Material : Brass
  • Height: 5 inches approx
  • Diameter: 9.25 inches approx.
  • As it Appears

Posted in: Vintage Lunch Boxes

  • Material : Brass,
  • Color : Golden,
  • Height : 12.70 CM,
  • Diameter : 23.49 CM,
  • Size : 9.25 INCH

Product Code: NLB-11/37061

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