Tibetan Buddhist Manjusri Buddisattva Brass Buddha Statue

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Powerful and elegant this brass Tibetan Manjushri Boddhisattva of Wisdom Statue is a goddess of sacred wisdom and patron of the arts. She wears a glorious crown, waves a flaming sword and sits upon a lotus throne where she is said to supervise the production of art and language. In myth Manjushri represents the brilliance of the Buddha. Also called the “gently auspicious one,” this Bodhisattva’s flaming sword is said to cut through ignorance, hostility and illusion. In Feng Shui Manjushri Bodhisattva is used to increase concentration and support wisdom. Great for those in scholastic, literary, artistic or media fields, display this scared statue prominently in a main room of the home or workplace.

  • Material : Brass
  • Height : 7.75 inches approx.
  • Width : 4.6 inches approx.
  • Length : 3.3 inches approx.
  • As it Appears