Square Brass Mould Making Jewellery Tool

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A brass dapping block unlike a silicone jewellery moulds online is a tool used in metalworking and jewelry making to shape and form metal. The block is typically made of brass and has a series of hemispherical depressions of different sizes on one or both sides. The depressions are used to shape metal by hammering it into the desired shape. Dapping blocks are commonly used to create domes and other curved shapes in metal, such as those found in bowls, dishes, and other decorative items. Antique brass jewellery moulds india can also be used to shape and form metal in jewelry making, such as creating bezels for stones. The brass material provides a durable and hard surface that will not mar or damage the metal being worked on. Dapping blocks or mould making jewellery are also relatively easy to use and are popular among metalworkers and jewelry makers of all skill levels.

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