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A carpet is an excellent flooring accessory for interior decoration purposes. A plain carpet, uncomplicated in design and form is enough to lend a classy appeal to a dull and dreary room. Intricately woven, each rug possesses distinctive features, characteristic of their own.

However, purchasing carpets can be quite a difficult job. You are plagued by hordes of questions like ‘is this a good-quality carpet?’, ‘am I splurging too much money?’ etc.


The fraudulent retailers with their bewildering scholarly terms, unconventional means, and eloquent sales preaching can completely change the delightful experience of purchasing a carpet into a frenetic nightmare.

Nevertheless, not to worry. We have compiled some guidelines for you, going through which you can upgrade your discernment and evade a large amount of the perils. Read on.

Guidelines for Purchasing Rugs and Carpets

1)     High-quality

While purchasing a high-quality rug, ensure that it comes with many knots. The higher the knots are there per square inch, higher is the quality.

2)     Machine-manufactured or Handmade

Looking for handmade rugs but, cannot differentiate between machine-made and handmade? Well, the easiest way to gauge its authentication is by examining the back of the carpet.

If the design is seen conspicuously, then you can go ahead with the rug as this confirms the carpet’s handmade feature. However, if the model is imprecise or vague, stop right there and look no further.


You can also purchase handmade rugs from handicraft portals such as that offer home décor and traditional craft products. Flora and fauna rugs, one-colored rugs are some samples of handmade rugs from Indianshelf.

3)     Size

Size is also an important factor to achieve the perfect appeal of the rooms. Therefore, before setting on to the journey for rummaging through the rugs, you need to have an advanced knowledge regarding the accurate size of the rug to adorn your room.

For that, you can either take the help of a measuring tape or only spread a blanket or two, to help you in comprehending how large or small a rug you would need.

4)     Origin

Make sure that the Persian handmade rug or carpet you are buying has been manufactured in Iran and is not a counterfeit product. A large number of dealers are out there in the market who by their devious schemes would not shirk from deceiving you. 

Carpet Maintenance Tips

  • Maintenance is of utmost importance as this is the only way by which you can make them last longer, regardless of the stuff you are buying. Likewise, it is necessary to clean the carpet thrice a week, if not regular. Since rugs and carpets accumulate all the dirt and grime that is invisible to the naked eye, a persistent vacuuming is the most felicitous approach to keep them in excellent condition. 
  • As they say, ‘prevention is better than cure,' try applying the same rule to rugs also. Prevent your children from stepping onto the rugs with their shoes on. Also, keep food and beverages away from the rugs as there always remains a possibility of them being spilled. 



  • If you’re contemplating on going by the green way while at the same time maintaining your rugs, you can use products that are eco-friendly and won’t pollute the environment. 


  • If you are not too keen on purchasing the green rug cleaning products from the market, then you can make your environment-friendly cleaning solutions. How? Well, the kitchen is one such place in a house where you can get all your essential DIY ingredients, be it for beauty regimen or your love for greeneries. In the same way, making a solution of baking soda and vinegar wouldn't only prove efficacious. But at the same time, you also won’t contribute to environmental pollution. 


  • Those who don't want to involve themselves in these cleaning procedures can hire professionals. However, make sure that they use only eco-friendly products. Many professional cleaners bear a don't-care attitude about employing techniques that could prove detrimental in the long run. 

So, the next time you purchase a carpet or rug, take some time to peruse this article and sharpen your cognition, so that you can keep yourself from being duped.

Flooring is the foundation of any living space. Have a great carpet, and everything else will fall into place!

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Posted By : Neha Bhatia

Updated On: 07 September, 2022

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