Print Of Khalid Iqbal Work Village House

Print Of Khalid Iqbal Work Village House

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Prof Khalid Iqbal is a legend in his lifetime. He has brought realism to painting with impressionistic treatment of colour and light, thus creating a veritable atmosphere in his landscapes.Iqbal has undertaken painting in almost all seasons to depict prevailing light effects. Here and there one sees thrushes on barren land with noontime light giving a palpable sense of the heat under a hazy, dusty sky; and at time moisture-laden dark clouds over still water, between green fields, give the sensation of wetness in the air as if it has rained only moments ago.

  • Material : Paper
  • Height: 14 inches approx.
  • Width: 21 inches approx.
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  • Material : Paper,
  • Color : Multicolor,
  • Height : 35.56 CM,
  • Width : 53.34 CM,
  • Size : 21.00 INCH

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