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Mustard Flower Ceramic Wine Stopper Hover

Mustard Flower Ceramic Wine Stopper

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Mustard Flower Ceramic Wine Stopper.zinc alloy wine bottle stopper with attractive Jute Bag Packaging.

  • No additional hardware required,
  • Pack of one piece
  • Material- Cearmic,Rubber and Metal
  • Color-Mustard,Black,White,and Turquoise
  • 1.5 inches diameter approx
  • 4 inches Height approx
  • Hand Made
  • As It Appears
  • Posted in: Wine Bottle Stopper

    Discount: 5.00%

    Material: Ceramic, Color: Mustard, Height: 10.16 CM, Diameter: 3.81 CM,

    Size: 1.50 INCH

    Product Code: WBS-211-CK-742(A)/20647