Modern Golden and Pink Coloured Glass Christmas Ornament

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Enhance your festive decor with this exquisite set of 25 handmade glass Christmas ornaments in stunning Pink and golden hues. Crafted with precision and care by talented Indian craftsmen, these ornaments showcase a captivating array of shapes that will add a touch of elegance to any setting. Whether adorning your home, office, hotel, or shop, these ornaments are a versatile addition to your decor collection. Their vibrant colours and intricate designs make them perfect for enhancing the festive spirit during Christmas and other celebrations. Hang them on your tree, drape them along a mantelpiece, or use them to adorn wreaths and garlands for an enchanting display. These ornaments aren't just for your own enjoyment, they also make for thoughtful gifts on special occasions and festivals. Share the craftsmanship and festive joy with your family, friends or relatives by gifting them this set of glass ornaments. Each piece in this collection reflects the dedication of the artisans who have poured their skill and creativity into making these timeless decorations.

  • Material: Glass
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