Handcrafted Copper Idol of Lord Ganesha for Home Temple

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This Vintage Copper Statue of Lord Ganesha is beautifully crafted by local Indian artisans. This unique masterpiece depicts Lord Ganesha seated gracefully on a pedestal, accompanied by his beloved Mushak (mouse), his loyal vahana, standing in front of him. Handmade from high-quality copper, this Ganesh idol exudes elegance and artistry. Ideal for various settings, this Ganpati murti for car, office, home, restaurant, hotel, cafe, or temple adds a touch of divine charm. Its intricate detailing and vintage appeal make it perfect for collection, exhibition, or decoration, capturing the essence of Indian heritage. Lord Ganesha, also known as the remover of obstacles, is a revered deity in Hinduism. He symbolizes wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. By welcoming this auspicious Ganesha murti into your space, you invite positive energy and blessings into your life. Furthermore, this vintage copper statue serves as a meaningful and auspicious gift for your loved ones on special, festive, or auspicious occasions.

  • Pack of one piece
  • Material: Copper
  • As it Appears