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Forest Green Small Tile
Forest Green Small Tile
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Forest Green Small Tile

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Forest Green Small Tile 

These colorful ceramic tiles were brought in India from various countries (Japan, Begium, England, etc) during Imperial era. They once adorned bathrooms and wainscotings, gateposts and even terraces of old havelis in old cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Old Delhi, etc.

Though the owners of these old havelis simply neglected these old tiles while demolishing their havelis, these tiles caught interest of collectors and interior decorators because of their graceful Art Nouveau and Art Deco motifs.  These tiles have incredibly luminescent colors, and their texture smooth as silk. Fine cracks on them (which got developed over the period of time) add antique value to them.

Though these tiles still reflect the same grace and colors as they reflected back in those days, over the period of time and while procuring them from these old havelis they have developed few defects in them like scratches and broken edges. This is clearly visible in the pictures that we have published for the each tile. Please see the pictures carefully before ordering them.   

Material: ceramic

Set of fifteen pieces

Dimension of each tile: 3 inches x 6 approx,

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Material: Ceramic, Color: Green,

Size: 6.00 INCH

Product Code: OT-46/4326