Brass Oil Wick Interior Decoration lamp

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A brass kerosene lamp with an oil wick is a type of interior decoration oil lamp that uses kerosene as fuel. The decor lamp consists of a brass body and a wick that is made of cotton or other absorbent material. The wick is inserted into the kerosene and lit to produce a flame. The flame is then adjusted to control the brightness of the light. The lamp also features a wick-raising mechanism that allows the user to adjust the height of the wick, which in turn controls the size of the flame and the amount of light produced. These lamps were considered safer than candles and could be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting. They were also more efficient, producing a brighter and more consistent light than candles. These table lamps are still used today in some rural areas where electricity is not yet available.

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  • Material: Brass
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