Vintage Samovar-2

Vintage Samovar-2.

Vintage Copper Samovar From Kashmir. a Samovar Literally Means "Self-Boiler" is a Heated Metal Container Traditionally Used to Heat and Boil Water to Make Tea in Kashmir. People From Kashmir Make Tea in the Samovar. Kashmiris are Very Fond of Tea. That is Why Any Time is Considered Tea Time.

Inside a Samovar There is a Fire-Container in Which Charcoal and Live Coals are Placed. Around the Fire-Container There is a Space for Water to Boil. Tea Leaves, Sugar, Cardamom, and Cinnamon are Put in the Water.

Material: Copper

Dimensions as Follows:

(A)Height: 14 Inches X Diameter 11 Inches X Mouth Diameter 5 Inches Approx.