Top interior design ideas for bedrooms in India

Posted By : Arpita Mathur

Posted On: 30 June, 2022

Home is the perfect place where you can relax and unwind. However, ever felt short on ideas to attain bedroom interior design in India? Then this is the perfect guide for you.

The bedroom is your peaceful abode, a sanctuary and retreat where you can give time for yourself, relax or spend quality time with your partner after a tiring day at work.

Already we invest a lot of time in designing the perfect interior but still feel something is missing. If you too have been facing this dilemma despite revisiting every home designer's blog or Instagram page then here are a few ideas to attain the perfect design. These ideas are unconventional yet add flair and personality to the room.

Luxurious ideas for bedroom interior design in India that add panache

Each home has its personality that reflects the style and panache of the residents. With the right home design plan, it is easy to add ingenuity and flair to otherwise dull and negative spaces.

The bedroom with loads of storage spaces!

When designing a bedroom, you need to ensure that it brings in the best styles and sufficient space to accommodate your requirements. It includes storage units that may have spaces for open and close shelving, etc. Thus you can easily store all your clothes and accessories. For showcasing the mementoes or curios, opt for glass displays or special shelves.

  • Vanity with humongous storage

We often strive to get a home interior that is functional and beautiful. Often Indian bedrooms have smaller spaces that cause problems in managing the snowballing household items.

Choose multipurpose furniture when building your bedroom decor. A good idea is to use a vanity that has storage space and doubles as a table. To sort the same, choose two of a kind and add them to either side of the bed. Multifunctional pieces of furniture can be your ideal space-saving investment. Adding opulent Drawer knobs can help to turn it into a designer's hub.

  • Hydraulics are best for your back

Feeling tired of lifting heavy bedroom products? Opt for awesome yet sturdy brass door handles from sites like Indianshelf, Benzoville, Wskart, etc. that can bear the weight of your renovation plans.

Even if you have a small bedroom then investing in hydraulic furniture can go easy on your back. Picking sufficient storage space in the bedroom can be a good plan. Hydraulic beds use space inside the frame to overcome your storage woes.

  • Vertical storage solutions

Integrated furniture is a perfect purchase for small bedrooms in India. To handle the scarcity of space, vertical solutions are your best bet.

Repurposed bookshelf, wall hooks, storage units, sophisticated designs, etc. can take low floor space but add to your overall theme. This frees up floor space and is a clever way to amp up your home decor.

  • Sleek and stylish wardrobe

Stylish and functional wardrobes with key holders for wall add panache. You can choose from options like - walk-in, sliding, etc. It helps you to get a sleek and space-saving look. To choose the best, ensure that you have sliding ones to help enhance your home decor projects.

  • Add shades of royalty

Blue is an amazing shade that is approved by Vastu and its amazing range of colours makes it a versatile addition to your home decor plans. Instead of settling for brighter or Indigo Blue, it is important to opt for pastels and blue combinations to attain a sublime aura. Accessories like Curtain Holders help to enhance the beauty of your home.

  • The subtle pinks

Similarly, pink tone is often shrugged off as too girly yet when combined with the best paintings, it creates a strong balance. It is also useful for combining subtle shades like white or black to bring a transformation.

  • Plush bedroom

Who doesn't like to have a plush hotel style and white comfy bedroom? It is easy to get a luxurious look for the bedroom right from cream and beige bedlinen to classy wallpapers or stylish bedroom interiors. These can be complemented by subtle accents, gold designs, etc.

  • Contrast on walls

While opting for bedroom interior design in India, many choose to stick with the standard shades. However to make a lasting impression, opt for bringing alive contrasting designs or styles that are long-lasting and fun.

For a subtle appeal, opt for shades belonging to a colour family.

  • The timeless whites

Whites can be a timeless choice. It is a Vastu-approved shade that works perfectly on walls.

However the same is a high maintenance proposition especially if you add the same on wardrobes, tables and similar accessories.

  • The classics from across India

Apart from the ultra-luxurious bedroom decor projects, it is recommended to choose the classic design in India.

  • The Chettinad edit

This brings traditional Indian designs juxtaposed with European accents. To complete the look, opt for furniture items made from Burma teak, and decor items like Tanjore art or Athangudi tiles. To compensate for the same, opt for thrift rocking chairs or wooden tables to make a timeless choice.

  • Pretty Kashmiri Bedrooms

If you love Kashmiri crafts and have a sufficient budget then opt to incorporate the same in your bedroom.

Opt for bed and furniture designed from solid wood and then choose Kashmiri throws and rugs to add warmth. Similarly, you can buy furniture or doors with famous Kashmiri inlay work or Chinar designs.

To add a designer vibe, choose to get hand-painted walls in traditional Kashmiri designs.

  • Minimalistic designs

Minimalistic designs are often frowned upon in India. However, to add an urbane feel, choose decor with minimalistic designs.

A new wave of designs is in rage - The Indian Minimalism. Select an open layout and then add uncluttered design elements. A single-colour design can be used to enhance the beauty. Avoid bulky furniture items at all costs and say hello to Indian designs.

  • Colonial-era decor

Colonial-era bedrooms are all rage. These are often found in five-star hotels or top resorts.

To achieve the look in the bedroom, it is important to keep the walls simple and then choose chintz textiles. Add a lot of furniture made from solid wood.

  • A desi's delight

A surprising and simple Indian-style bedroom decor project is the desi gone Visdeshi look. It is a prime example of style and comfort. Choose a wooden bed and furniture to attain the traditional desi look.These are completed by industrial-style walls.

Similarly, a full-length headboard livens up the entire room. Choose ceiling-to-floor designs in plush settings to get a good night's sleep.

  • A room with a view

If you are one of the lucky ones to get a bedroom with a view then build the entire room around this focal point. Large framed windows, full-length curtains and accessories help to amplify the overall decor.

To get a gorgeous bedroom, use floral wallpapers, comfy couches, etc.

  • Turn Midas!

Gold is the new black! However, using the same subtly is important to avoid an OTT look. Opt for an all-white bedroom, bring gold accents, statement lights, gold-framed mirrors, luxury decor items, etc.

  • Warm wooden vibes

When confused, turn to wooden decor projects. These add a timeless charm to the bedroom which makes it easy to maintain. Right from flooring to ceilings, adding wooden elements is important to ensure the best results.

Such bedrooms bring serenity and peace. These instantly calm your mind and help you to attain rest after a long day's work. Add light blues to get a sense of mindfulness and then bring wooden beds, stylish headboards, etc. To accentuate the look, bring wall art frames and attain a subtle and elegant touch.

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