Lit Up Your Home in Ancient Royal Oil Lamps

If you have visited the Mughal or Rajput forts located in the country, you too might have noticed the cut-out window chambers built in the palaces. These chambers were once designed for keeping the oil lamps when electricity was not yet invented. But today, when we have the best of technology, these lamps are observed but in very few homes. However, with Indian shelf, you can now revive that royal charm. So have a look at the details of how handmade oil lamps were originated and how can they enliven your living space. Read on.

Oil lamps originated in the Chalcolithic age, also known as Copper Age, that occurred from 4500 to 3300 BC. These oil lamps owned an appreciable charm and were also a significant part of diverse cultures worldwide until electric lighting fixtures emerged as the latest fad. However, other than its apparent use of lighting up our homes and apprising us of the principles of art, oil lamps come up with a lot more other attributes. In the following segment, we will impart knowledge on the importance of lighting lamps and how these exquisite pieces aid to usher in loads of positivity in our life.

Importance of Lighting Oil Lamps

To produce the perfect ambience, lighting up oil lamps is believed to be a significant part of the tradition. But, with the advent of electric lights, this phenomenon dwindled considerably, resulting in a complete eradication of oil lamps. However, the few of you who still bear the opinion that oil lamps are an excellent option to perk up the atmosphere of your house instantaneously.

You must have noticed that the moment you light up an oil lamp, an ethereal aura pervades the entire room. The warmth exuded from the lamp is so profound that it fills the entire space with a different kind of energy. It magnifies your cognitive abilities and you would experience a surprising change in your whole being. All your resentment and animosity would be superseded by love and benevolence, and you would undergo a thorough metamorphosis.

A wonderful example to corroborate the implication of lighting oil lamp is a campfire. If you ever had the luck and opportunity to sit around a campfire, you might have observed that communication is at its best in such an etheric sphere. The enthusiasm with which the narrator recounts tales equals the rapt attention of the auditors as well, that exhibits the elevated level of receptivity.

Benefits of Oil Lamps

Suitable for Prolonged Time - A candlelight dinner might be an intimate way of expressing love for each other but it also possesses an intrinsic drawback that is enough to swerve from it. It accompanies the eternal problem of wax residues, thereby leading to cleaning issues. On the contrary, oil lamps require paraffin oil and have remarkable fibreglass wick that makes them last for a prolonged time and you are spared from the hassles of replacing it every time.

Designs - Oil lamps are available in multifarious shapes, sizes and materials. Brass, bronze, glass, stone are some of the common materials in which you can find a wide variety of patterns. Myriad online shopping portals have emerged over the years that sell eclectic traditional art and craft products. Indianshelf is one such website that provides you with this wonderful opportunity to choose from an assortment of their oil lamp collection.

Be it either bronze or brass, the designs of both these metals are stupendous to take your eyes off it. Peacock oil lamps, hand holding oil lamp, Diya with five wicks are some of the examples of brass and bronze oil lamps respectively.

Gift Articles - Oil lamps can also serve as gift articles. From birthdays to housewarming parties, anniversaries to weddings, oil lamps would make the ultimate gift. This elegant yet traditional Oil lamp with Ganesha statue can win you all the over-enthusiastic praises of your loved ones. Created with the finest quality of brass, this beautiful statement piece is durable, solidly built and easy to use.

Home Décor -You can also use these lamps to embellish the foyer that would elicit a touch of sophistication, thereby capturing the attention of your visitors.Instead of paraffin oil, you can also buy scented oils that would send forth an aromatic fragrance, leaving you refreshed and energized.

Thus, you can comprehend the many benefits that oil lamps provide us with and what are the implications associated with lighting up these lamps. However, merely perusing this article would prove futile unless you go through the same process, and experience the strange awareness overpowering you.

Posted By : Nikita

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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