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Best Birthday Decoration Ideas | 15 Birthday Room Decoration Ideas |

15 Birthday Room Decoration Ideas

Creamy pastel cakes, colourful confetti, balloons and ribbons. Fun-filled schoolhouse vibe and dreamy joy together with the besties and friends. Gifts, games and platters of favourite food. Music, dance and jazzy moods.

Birthday parties are special. Even more than the other red letter days. It appears that the day of one’s birth anniversary takes one back into the valleys of their childhood memories most likely the ones filled with cheerful emotions.

Each region and culture has their own ideas for organizing birthday parties. While some like to use giant pompoms for decoration other like to celebrate their birthdays by slurping bowls of noodles.

From cakes to candles, everything holds a significant symbolism too. So, let us take a brief look into some terrific birthday decoration ideas you can use to decorate the party room.


Children love the world of dreams and imagination. So, during the upcoming birthday party in your home, take the little ones in these worlds of wonder by choosing a crafty theme for the decorations.

From pretty pinks and pastel yellows to new age ninjas and gaudy gadgets, from dinosaur islands to treasure hunts there are infinite possibilities to choose from. Build a piñata castle.

Make some lollipop honeycombs. Pompoms and glitter are must have. Besides these, use your creativity and your little one’s taste to select the decoration theme.

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1.  Birthday Decoration Ideas with Geometric Paper

Geometric paper comes with little dots printed on it based on the measurements of dots per inch or per cm. If you already know how to use geometric paper, well and good. If you are not aware of it, there are plenty of excellent tutorials online.

If you’re least likely to make these accessories yourself, you can also purchase them readymade at considerable prices.

While making or selecting accessories with geometric paper, consider 3D diamond shape, gemstones shape, butterflies, animals, birds, crevices etc.

In fact, you can create an entirely new theme based just on the geometric paper. So, just go for it!

2.  Balloon Covered Ceiling

Balloons and birthdays are inseparable. Normally, we use the balloons as pendants by dangling them down the ceiling or perhaps as wall art. Nearly everyone has a picture of how to do this.

However, if you wish to give this decoration a fresh style spin, consider this idea. Instead of letting the balloons float and dangle in air, tape them to the ceiling itself. Fill the entire ceiling this way.

When the kids or guests enter the room, they’ll be mesmerized to see a colourful ceiling. Besides, it will also give the look of a full-fledged birthday venue while remaining at home itself. Just think about it!

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3.  Party Pennants

Colourful pennants are great to cover up a blank or dull wall while hosting a birthday party in your home.

Pennants offer a peppy look to the walls of a room. Garlands made with pennants are also great for decorating a room’s doors, curtain finials or large-sized statement pieces.

The best part about using pennants for decorations is, they are absolutely economical and they come in boatloads of patterns & colours.

4.  Coffee Filter Flowers

You can purchase a large amount of coffee filter papers in a considerably low price. Use them to create anything from roses to garlands and peonies.

The best thing about using coffee filters is their round shape and just the perfect style of crinkles you’ll need to make these decorations.

Decorate a wall, door, table or pot vase with these frilly decorations. This decoration is perfect for a little princess’s birthday party.


5.  Graffiti Decorations

Flashy colours and pop art are the two main elements which make up a graffiti decoration. This is what makes graffiti ideal for organizing a birthday party among a group of friends.

Your college gang or high-school classmates will be delighted to have this fun-filled party theme alongside a lip-smacking birthday treat.

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6.  Photo Paparazzi

Loose photographs hanging down from the ribbons attached to the ceilings or a giant collage of the old photographs.

The idea is to have photos photos everywhere. To add to the emotion of photographs even more, spread accents of glow lights in the entire room or hall. Lanterns and tea-light candles will work stupendous.

A wonderful idea to celebrate birthdays in late 40s or 50s with your best friends!

7.  Birthday Decoration Ideas with Sticky Notes

No wonder how bigger the party their parents host, while still in school or college, children like to have some secret surprise birthdays the most. However, not all children are able to contribute to organizing birthday parties. So, if you’re still studying and wish to organize a birthday party for your classmate, sticky notes is a wonderful idea.

Also, this is a great idea for office-going people who are looking forward to celebrate a colleague’s or boss’s birthday.

Decorating their workstation or cubicle with sticky notes won’t just make them happy but will be also useful for their note taking tasks for the days following.

8.  Mattresses & Cushions

On your birthday, arrange a movie night at your home with your best friends. To do this, decorate the entire room with dimly lit light pendants. Then leaving a corner of the floor, fill it with fluffy mattresses.

Shove off some cushions with their covers changed to something colourful and fancy. Keep a table in one corner with cake, popcorn bags and some glow sticks. Fun, wouldn’t it be?


9.  Chalkboard

Chalkboard is a fantastic party theme if you like to explore some vintage style decoration. Not too plain not too overwhelming, they are just suitable for any kind of room setting.

Decorate the chalkboard with drawings made in multicoloured chalks. Top it off with art banners, personalized cake poppers and photo memories chandelier.

10.  Customized Wallpaper, Drapes or Tablecloth

If you are planning to organize a sophisticated birthday reception, pay attention to furniture and furnishings the most for decorative purposes. Customize the drapes and linen. Additionally, fill a wall with a custom made wallpaper design.

11.  Rustic Table Setting

Another gorgeous idea for a military style party setting. White china plates set with pastel toned fabric napkins, personalized chocolates, bejewelled ornaments, fireplace and barbeque. This is all you will need to arrange a hearty toast for your near and dear ones.


12.  Heart Balloons & Fairy Lights

Spill some romance in the air with dimly lit pink or purple lighting. Illuminate the ambience with fairy lights and sprinkle plenty of little red hearts in the form of balloons. Add music, flowers and food to give your beloved an unforgettable evening.

13.  Floating Return Gifts

We love to receive gifts especially when they’re from the one we love the most. This time, give this gifting a slightly twist. Instead of going for one big gift, add lots of small gift items to your list.

While organizing a birthday party for your girlfriend or your better half, wrap these gifts in glossy papers and let them dangle down the ceiling in the form of decorative ornaments.

As the birthday woman or man make way to their cake, they will be adorned with one gift after another. Make a gift walkway, perhaps!

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14.  Favourites Corner

Install a table in the birthday room and make it the favourite’s corner for your partner. A corner dedicated to all things favourite to them.

Food, colours fragrance, hobbies and pastimes; use everything you know about them. Make them feel like a king or queen respectively for this special day!

Posted By : Neha Bhatia

Posted On: 09 September, 2022

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