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5 Appliances That Burn Energy Even When They Are Off

Posted By: Nikita
22 December, 2021

Modern day technology has enabled the lifestyle that is a complete package of electricity and technology. We have mad our lives so habitual to modern technology that we cannot imagine living simple and stress-free lives without them. But you must be amazed to know the hidden sour truth behind these technological appliances!

We generally switch off electrical appliances after use, without knowing the fact that these appliances are still in power even when they are switched off! Yes, you heard right. Electrical appliances have a secret life that holds 1% part of your monthly electricity bills.

So now we are here to help you with all those electrical appliances so that next time you ensure that they are actually off!

 1. Television sets

We are incorrectly in some facts. Once you decided not watch the tv or during the night time when it is time to switch between television sets, we just push the power button off. But truth is that in this way the tv is not at all and instead it goes in the standby mode which actually consumes 24 w per day. Though after calculating the cost seems minimal, yet it becomes expensive on a yearly basis.

 2. Charger

I think some of you must be aware of it that charger when plugged in the socket even if it is not connected to any phone and the switch if off, yet it consumes some minimal amount of energy. Which is precisely equal to 1.3 w each day. Though it sounds next to nothing but yet it is, in any case, a risky situation. So from next time, whenever you are done with the charging of your mobile phones, please remove the charges from the sockets and store them at a secured place.

 3. Wifi modems

We are accustomed to wifi in our homes and in offices and because of this even if we are not using wifi enables devices, yet our modems are left switched on. So it is advisable to turn them off and remove the plug when they are not in use. This just a forward step to save energy and cost of electricity.

 4. Microwaves and ovens

After using ovens for baking and microwave for heating dishes, we always forget either intentionally or unintentionally to switch them off. This is because we always forget to see the tiny little timer on the baking appliances. You must be surprised to know that microwaves and ovens consume 108 w of electricity each day which is actually expensive! So, next time pull out the plug on these devices when not in use.

 5. Heavy appliances

Mammoth sized electrical appliances such as washing machines, dryers, mixers and refrigerators use heavy amounts of energy and add up to the heavy amount of cost. Sometimes due to space issues or sometimes due to lack of time, we forget to remove the plugs of these devices. So we would advise making it a habit to remove the plugs of these appliances on daily basis.

We can understand that our busy lives do not allow us enough time that we switch off these devices completely. The other problem is that these devices have plugs connected somewhere in the corners of the entire rooms and hence reaching to them is a tough task. The best alternative to such problems is to use a power strip wherein all plugs of these devices are connected and when are you are done with your day, you can simply remove the plug of the power strip.

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