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10 Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas (Trending Of 2020) | Stage Decoration Ideas

Especially on the occasion in the Indian wedding, Main centre of attraction for the guests as well as host is the decoration of Wedding Stage. Therefore, the hosts spend a significant amount in making the stage of the wedding to be attractive and one of the best.

But due to space limitations and the limited budget, the hosts are not in a position to plan their best ideas for stage decoration. There are numbers of wedding stage decoration ideas of different range to suit the hosts of different budget and a different choice.

But it is the interest of every host to have an appealing look of the stage decoration in their function.


Whenever we attend any wedding function, the eyes of everyone is always set on the decoration of the stage. It is the only place where the main attraction of the hour is seen and they are being watched by every guest there.

So, the stage decoration must be appealing and to the best of creativity so that family portraits, candid pics of bride and grooms, mandatory selfies and everything must be memorable.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

In the occasion of the wedding, one of the most important things to concentrate on is wedding décor. Nowadays, couples add their personal touch in the decoration of the wedding stage, to get some different reflection.

A long time back, there was a typical standard of hanging up of drapes and the floral arrangements. Nowadays Even the wedding decorators are brimming up with consistently creative and newness in curating some fresh and unique trends of decorations. 

Numbers of wedding stage Decoration Ideas:

1. Vintage style

If your interest in decorating the stage is in Vintage Style then you have to choose the unique chairs which resemble closely to the throne. In order to give a vintage look to your wedding stage, you have to make use of silk and satin curtains, red flowers, golden decorative etc.

2. Attractive yet straightforward

Nowadays most of the people opt elegant and simplistic approach for decorating their wedding stage. They don’t make use of numbers of expensive furniture and decorative items.

Instead they go for moderate decoration which offers an appealing look of the wedding stage. In case of night or evening wedding, they usually make use of lights of different combination which provides a unique look to the stage.

Apart from this decoration, you can make use of some floral decorations and some decorative items with a single large seat for the couples.

3. Floral Background

On the wedding stage, the floral background is one of the most popular decorations which offers a unique and sophisticated look to the wedding stage. It offers a charming and fresh look, and it is also economical for the host.

While choosing the flowers, you have to make use of a beautiful combination of herbs which will add to the beauty of your stage decoration many times.

As fresh flowers are costly, most of the people make use of artificial flowers, but some people are fond of fresh flowers, and they make use of fresh flowers in wedding stage decoration which offers a mesmerizing look to the guests.

4. Giant Shamiana

Nowadays some people want to arrange their occasion of a wedding in an open garden where there is an opportunity to have exciting and unique stage decoration. You don’t have to go for traditional stage decoration; rather you can create a giant Shamiyana decorated with beautiful satins and flowers.

Then place a sofa for a couple with some decorative items like planters, flower pots, lanterns, artificial pillars and other and some attractive chairs for guests. This way of decoration offers a perfect look for the wedding stage.

5. White Stage Decoration with Beautiful and Unique Candles

For candle lovers, this arrangement of stage decoration is the perfect one. You can imagine the beauty of the stage with white drapes, white flowers and shelf backdrop with beautiful candles all over the stage. It offers a fantastic look to your function, and the photoshoot of the stage is memorable.

6. Unique Idea of Stage Decoration for Garden and Greenery Lovers

It’s a beautiful idea of stage decoration especially for greenery and garden lovers. The stage will offer a beautiful set up with the reflection of vibrancy, greenery and freshness in just one frame.

If you are interested in floral arrangements but not exactly flowery, then the idea of this type of stage decoration is the perfect one.

7. Luxurious Decoration of Wedding Stage Having Look of Bollywood Movie

This type of decoration of wedding stage offers a luxurious look like Bollywood movies. The massive backdrop of the stage is decorated with beautiful and huge bunches of flowers, arch and the beautiful decorative golden lights offers an exquisite look.

The look of the stage gets enhanced by the presence of emerald green long sofa and beautiful reflective floor. The decoration of the stage makes you feel that you are in Bollywood.

8. Decoration of Stage with Beautiful Chandeliers and with Purple Theme

The decoration of stage with the beautiful purple Theme has all the elements to attract the attention of the guests. Due to the presence of purple Theme, the décor of the wedding, get enhanced.

Grand Sofas, Chandeliers and beautiful lit backdrop adds a lot to the grace of the decoration of stage and the occasion of marriage.

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9. South Indian Style of Decorating wedding Stage

If you are interested in decorating the wedding stage in traditional style then this idea of stage décor offers absolutely a magnificent look. Use of Indian Flowers, Golden Pillars and godly motifs offers a beautiful classic south Indian style of stage decoration.

This type of decoration is the choice of many, and it is one of the most favourite decoration idea of wedding stage based on Indian Theme.

A convertible mandap-cum- reception stage decoration: By doing little change you can convert your mandap after finishing rituals to a beautiful reception stage. You can decorate your mandap cum reception stage by gorgeous white wedding décor, and it is a real money saver arrangement.

You can make use of the beautiful gazebo-like structure as mandap and as well as your reception stage after finishing the marriage rituals. You can replace the pooja material, and Havan Kund with beautiful royal chairs and thus your mandap will be converted into a royal reception stage.

10. Wedding Gate Decoration Ideas

The decoration of the wedding Gate is one of the most essential decoration as the first impression creates the impression of the entire function. On the wedding day, the decoration of the wedding gate must be grand.


You must be careful while decorating your wedding gate, as this is the first place to greet your guest. So, the decoration of the entrance should not be overlooked. You must add some unique element in your wedding Gate Decoration in order to impress your relatives and guests.

Choose the wedding Gate Décor based on the Theme and resembling your wedding stage decoration. some of the fantastic ideas to decorate your wedding Gates:

1 - Royal Bronze Gold Wedding Gate Decoration Ideas

2 - Only Flowers!- wedding Gate Decoration Ideas.

3 - Elegant Flowers, Drapes and Crystal Wedding Gate Decoration Ideas.

4 - Themed Based Wedding Gate Decoration Ideas.

5 - Religious Entrance

6 - Hallway Entrance

7 - Bollywood Theme

8 - Forest Look

9 - Garden Entrance

10 - Lighted Ceilings

11 - Pillar Decoration

11. Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding day in our life is too unique and memorable for a lifetime, so Indian Wedding Decoration must be beautiful and bright in all respect.

The not only bride needs to glow this day, but it is also vital that your venue should even shine. Your Indian Wedding Decoration must offer a gorgeous, vibrant and cheerful look. Some important Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas:

12. Light and Sober Decoration for Wedding Day

Some people have to perform the marriage rituals in day time only. So, the decoration should be done with special care so that your wedding venue offers effervescent and vibrant look to the wedding occasion.

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13. Add Floral Decoration to Lighten up your Venue

With the help of flower pots, planters and right flower decoration, you will offer a gorgeous and pleasant look to your wedding occasion.

14. Radiant Decoration to Offer Warm Welcome to your Guests

The entrance decoration should be vibrant as it introduces the real Theme of the decoration to the attendees. So, it must be bright and colourful. The look itself offers the guests a warm welcome.

15. Valentine Special Indian Wedding Decoration

Decorate your entire venue with red colour. The bold and charismatic red colour has a hypnotizing capacity which instantly draws the attention of the people. Universally this colour is known as the colour of passion and love. So, it will create a lovely atmosphere on your wedding occasion.

16. Delightful Backdrop Decoration

Backdrops plays an essential role in wedding Decoration reception stage, photo booth, mandap stage and even it offers a beautiful look to decorate any corner especially of the entrance. Numbers of ideas are there to adorn backdrop, which provides a unique look and blend seamlessly amidst the Indian Wedding Decoration.

Posted By : Poonam Mishra

Posted On: 09 September, 2022

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